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What’s The Frequency, Walter?

On Earth-2, the team is in Col. Broyles' office and he asks if there was a similar device found at the plane crash site. There wasn't, but it could have been destroyed, Fauxlivia tells him.

Still, the big question is why. Col. Broyles asks Walter if he's got any idea and Walter winds up snapping at him. He apologizes for it and Col. Broyles chalks it up to a long day and suggests he sleep on it. Walter agrees, but can't resist bitching about the pillow he was given last night: "Apparently this universe hasn't discovered memory foam," he says. This grouchiness and ingratitude for some reason prompt Fauxlivia to invite Walter to stay at her place. He accepts, and in exchange he will "refrain from sleeping naked," a revelation that neither Fauxlivia nor Lincoln looked prepared for.

Fauxlivia leaves to get her bag, and Lincoln leaves too, because, let's face, wouldn't you rather be with Fauxlivia rather than Walter complaining and talking about naked sleeping habits?

Once they've gone, Walter apologizes to Col. Broyles again for snapping at him and confesses that he's actually made at himself; what Jones is doing wouldn't be possible but for the damage Walter did to the universe. He turns to go, but Col. Broyles, who just may have something else on his mind, gets up and asks Walter, "If you had to do it all over again, would you make the same choice?" Asking for a friend! Walter says if he'd asked that question a few months ago, the answer would have been no. But getting to know Peter in the last little while, he's not sure if he would do anything differently. Yeah, I can see how getting to know Peter might make one not care that universes can be destroyed. Walter exits, leaving Col. Broyles to brood.

Out in the war room, the Farnsworthbot tells Fauxlivia that she ran all the names she gave to Col. Broyles, who apparently passed them on to her. She couldn't find anything to implicate anyone. Fauxlivia's bummed at the dead end. The specifying of how many number of names on the list led me to think that Fauxlivia gave Col. Broyles 109 names but by the time the list made it to Farnsworthbot it would only have 108 names, but that's not what happened.

Anyway, it's now night and Col. Broyles is meeting with Jones outdoors and let's all assume that proper protocols are being followed this time. Jones hands him a little device the size of a cigarette case, but declines to tell him what it is, just that he's to take it to Liberty Island and affix it to the Bridge's control panel. Col. Broyles reminds him that the machine is healing the world. Obviously Col. Broyles wouldn't bother saying anything so Pollyanna-ish to Jones, who clearly doesn't give a shit about people getting hurt; Col. Broyles is just being made to say that so Jones can respond with, "Need I remind you who I am healing?" Broyles stares at him, so I guess no, he need not. Broyles takes the device.

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