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Who? What? Where? Whyeeeeee?

Some dude walks up and enters the circle. Kendall introduces him as Agent Chapman and says that he'll be running the op from Ops Center while Spy Daddy leads the team into Paldinski. The mission gets all set up, and Syd turns to Fat Geeky Specialist to ask the question that we're all thinking: "How much time does Vaughn have?" Fat Geeky Specialist is all, uh, three days. Three days? The hell? Wasn't her mother supposed to be executed in three days? "Three days" is a very popular span of time on this show. Is it just because it's short enough to be scary, but long enough to shove in at least one hot-chick outfit and two episodes of extended ass-kicking? I just don't get it.

U.S. Naval Medical Center. Syd enters and walks over to Vaughn's Bubble Boy bed as The Accordions Of Unrequited Love And Hunky Leading Man Bleed-Outs fill the soundtrack. Some trilly Irish-like voice wisps about "slumber my darling" and "thy mother is near," which is actually kind of stupid because, like, Syd's not Vaughn's mother and he sure as HELL ain't slumbering. It's just a weird choice of music, is all I'm sayin'.

Syd sits down and pulls on surgical gloves (no, not for THAT -- EW!) as Vaughn sort of wakes up and looks over at her and emits a sleepy "hi." Syd, keeping her tears in check, returns his greeting and fills him in on the antidote. She's all, I talked to my mom and I'm going to go get the antidote. Vaughn's all, how dangerous is it? Syd's all, getting the serum? Piece o' cake, dude. But, uh, I need to take some of your blood with me, baby. Vaughn just kind of looks away. Syd reaches in and preps his arm. Vaughn is all ashy and pathetic, and Syd's look of tender concern is very emotional. But. Um. Why is SHE taking the blood? Where are the nurses? And it's not like Vaughn's in his own room or anything. We can see directly behind Syd's head that there's a nurses' station, and there are at least two or three doctors back there. Like, taking blood isn't top secret now, is it? I mean, it IS a naval hospital isn't it? I'd imagine they're very used to treating members of the CIA. Again, why am I even spending time with logic? Logic + Alias = Frustrated Recapper.

Syd takes Vaughn's blood and starts to move away, but he takes her hand and tells her to be careful, and then it looks like he may say something more but gets too tired and rolls over. Syd caresses his hand, and the tears start flowing. She doesn't have time to start really sobbing, however, because Vaughn starts crashing and bleeding internally. Now, suddenly, doctors are everywhere. Where the hell were they before when Syd was all taking blood and shit? Shhhh. Don't think, just type.

As the doctors run down the hall with Syd in tow, I realize that one of the nurses is a girl I went to college with. Her name's Chrissy Hall, but she goes by Reamy Hall now. No, I don't know why she changed it. We were both acting students at The Theatre School at DePaul University, and I seriously cannot believe that she's showing up on the show that I recap. How bizarre is that? Do you think J.J. somehow knew that I knew her and that's why he cast her? As a shout-out to me? He totally did. Hi, Reamy! Say hi to your hubby for me! My mom still talks about how hot he was in that play we did together! Oh, maybe you don't want to know that. Ahem.

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