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A Cowboy, a Clown, and Two Third Graders...

Oh! There he is, and he's even had time to wipe the white greasepaint off his face. As the S4 strut toward the challenge, Peachy stands in his surprisingly unstarched blue shirt and tells them to "come on in," but there's no place to go on into. It's pretty much an open field. He says, "It's not often that you git [sic] a chance to make up for past mistakes." He tells them that the day's challenge will repeat elements from prior challenges. He preaches that if they've learned anything, it will be easy, but if not, they'll be "repeating history." In the first leg, they will navigate a rope course attached to a carabineer while blindfolded and shackled. A bell will ring at the end of course, allowing them to remove their blindfolds. The second leg is a giant puzzle, the completion of which yields a key which will unlock the shackles. The last leg is another water bucket/ fire bucket scenario, except this time they must carry the buckets of water across a beam. The anticlimactic conclusion is, once again, the fire tower fuse. The reward is a "tent, a mattress, four wheels, and a key." The key is for "a car that converts into a tent," and it will be waiting for Colby...I mean, "the winner" in Texas...I mean, "at his/her home." First, though, the winner will get to sleep in the car as well as have a shower and a meal the next night.

The challenge begins, and Bozo the Keith really is a klutz. He keeps falling over, but even so he manages to keep up with Colby. Tina looks like she's blind -- oh wait, she is. Colby finishes the first leg ahead, and he doesn't even look like he's trying. Elisabeth finishes last. Peachy says that everyone's still in the game. As they puzzle, Peachy admonishes them, "Do not lift anything." It looks like Keith might have been lifting his pieces, which is kind of like pulling the stickers off a Rubik's Cube and then sticking them back in the winning pattern. Colby finishes his puzzle, which reads, "Outplay." Peachy tells the others, who may be having a bit of trouble with the concept, "Remember, it's gotta line up with the pattern underneath." Elisabeth finishes and hobbles off to unshackle herself. Peachy then loses his cool at the others' inability to finish, and yells, "Slow down and think! It's gotta match the pattern underneath!" Bozo the Keith finally finishes, closely followed by Tina. Peachy says, "Everybody's still very much alive." Bozo the Keith falls off his beam. I'm not surprised. Colby's bucket fills first, and he begins working on his fire. There's a lovely underwear-cam of Elisabeth, who finishes next. Bozo the Keith falls again -- even he doesn't look surprised. Tina begs her bucket to "please be it!" and her bucket comes through. She's smart and starts her fire with brush before gathering more. At this point, I actually thought she might win. But then suddenly Colby's saying "Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff!" because his fire bucket is rising -- the fuse then ignites. Colby yells, "Yeah! Now we're talkin'!" What were we doing before, when he was winning all the challenges? Colby says that he's never had a new car, and Tina congratulates him. As we go to commercial, Colby says that he's got "one hell of a winning streak" going on, and that he will ride it as long as he can.

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