The Final Four: No Regrets

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Fallen Comrats

A shot of the hot sun is followed by a graphic telling us the temperature is 87 degrees. Peachy tells the S3, "Well, the good news is you guys have lasted an hour. The bad news is it's only 9 AM. The sun hasn't even begun to get up yet." From the start, Kimj appears very resolved; Lex Loser and Ethan are fidgety. Suddenly, Ethan's eyes roll back in his head and his legs begins to shake; he falls forward but then catches himself at the last minute. Kimj watches him out of the corner of her eye with a sneaky expression. I think they put glue on her stumps. Ethan, by the way, is wearing cute pink sneakers.

It's now 94 degrees and two hours into the challenge. Peachy advises the S3, "Draw on whatever you have left." Forty-six minutes later, Ethan starts shaking, lifts his foot, and mouths the word "fuck!" As Kimj grins, Ethan snits off. Kimj is wearing many necklaces around her neck from the earlier ritual. Not that I enjoy giving her credit for anything, but that can't make the challenge any easier. Did I just say that? Kimj tells Lex Loser she's "nuts" for hanging on and claims, "I should be old enough to know better." On the sidelines, Ethan gets a canteen of water from Peachy; he then walks back to the others and tells them to give it everything they've got, because it doesn't feel good to let go. In his most emotional confessional yet, he tells us, "I worked my butt off to get right here? And I go and I blow it on such a silly, little mistake!" He says his back foot came off the stump, and "that's the killer." He can "never ever" get to that spot again, and it's "horrible, horrible."

It's 98 degrees now, and Kimj says she's pretending she's someplace else, "lying on the beach, roasting in the sun, with a planter's punch at my side." I don't know why, but I find the way she says this really disturbing. Maybe because -- as this point -- her skin would be literally roasting. Peachy pontificates that it may be "six, seven, eight more hours of this." Two birds cross each other in the sky, but neither removes its foot from a stump.

Three hours into the challenge, it's 101 degrees. Ethan whispers to the camera that Lex Loser and Kimj are both strong, and that neither of them will give up. Lex Loser rubs his eyes and then whispers to Kimj that his "belly's gonna fuck [him] up." Well, his "gut" has been continually screwing him over, so wouldn't one expect as much from his belly? Kimj asks Lex Loser if the worst isn't over, and he responds that he's exhausted. Ethan tells us that Lex Loser was up all night, and now he's exhausted and dehydrated. With his buff covering his head, he adds that "the sun is ridiculous right now." Then Lex Loser starts teetering on his stumps; he tries to keep his balance, but cannot hang on. Kimj continues to look very intent on winning as Lex Loser falls off and immediately sits down. Kimj slowly climbs down (because the standing still part was no problem compared to the climbing down part), and Lex Loser hugs her in an attempt to secure her vote. Kimj tells us in a confessional that the final immunity challenge wasn't about "luck" or "being nice" -- the things she's done so far -- but about what came from inside her: "A determination that I haven't seen in me...maybe ever." Funny, we haven't seen it until now, either.

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