The Final Four: No Regrets

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Fallen Comrats

Ethan summons Kimj to the calendar so that they can cross off their last day together. As they use Kimj's paints, they agree that it's something neither of them ever thought would happen. Kimj says the game will "go down as one of the ultimate experiences of your entire life." She's very precise as she draws a line through the 38; then she and Ethan smooch loudly. Kimj carefully circles the "39" on the calendar in red. They both write their initials next to the circled 39, agree that they like the way it looks, and hug each other.

As the S2 prepare to leave Mofo Maji for the last time, Kimj needs help just to put on her backpack. She has backpack tan lines. Ethan tells us in a confessional that he thinks it will be a "one-vote jury." He expects to get the "guy votes" of Lex Loser and Tom and Frank, and he believes Kimj will get the "girl votes" of Teresa, little Kim, and Kelly. Brandon, he thinks, is the "swing vote." ["No comment." -- Wing Chun] As they stare at their packed-up boma, Kimj tells Ethan to "say [his] piece now." Ethan tells her to take one last look because they'll never be in that spot again. They leave behind all their colorful tents and pots and garbage and the fire and the empty ostrich egg because anything American -- even trash -- is a gift to the third world.

As they head off to Tribal Council, the S2 discuss what lies ahead. Ethan thinks Tom will lighten up the atmosphere, but he is sure that "Lex [Loser] is gonna ask a deep question." He concludes that the questions asked by the jury are "gonna be deep, and they're gonna be heavy."

The abandoned cart. Gourds. The tree in the middle of the boma. Wind blows through the deserted camp, symbolizing the emptiness we now all feel as we realize that Lex Loser will no longer be in our lives each week. Or not.

It's now time to hear from each member of the jury. Kimp tells us that tonight's Council will be tense because it's a big deal. She says it's more important to her that a deserving person win the title of Survivor than that she win the million dollars herself. She's a Survivor in the Jenna mold; she looked much cuter in the bush. And you may or may not to get to see her in the bush again (if you know what I mean) in Playboy. Kimp says that Kimj and Ethan were an unlikely pair to have made it to the final two: Kimj was at risk to go early because she was oldest and, "you might have thought, weakest"; and although Ethan may have flown under the radar, he didn't make worthwhile bonds with people during his time in Africa. Kimp thinks it's interesting that an introvert and the oldest person in the tribe are the last two who remain.

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