The Final Four: No Regrets

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Kimj and Ethan walk.

Lex Loser tells us that no one makes the final two "by luck or coincidence." He says that a person could make it to the final four by being lucky, but that the final two is "on your own valor and on your own merit." Notice he skips from final four to final three. Lex Loser thinks tonight's vote will be interesting because the seven members of the jury "run the gamut." He says they're all different kinds of people with different opinions of the final two, and "it is still anyone's game."

Kimj and Ethan walk some more.

Teresa squats in the brush and tells us that tonight's Tribal Council will be bittersweet because the game is over and she didn't go as far as she wanted to go, which was "first or second; ideally first." She says it's also bittersweet because she respects and genuinely likes both Ethan and Kimj, and that it will be a hard choice for her. She concludes, "Of course the whole game's been pretty difficult, so why should it change now?"

A giraffe looks directly into the camera.

Brandon tells us that there's a lot of revenge involved in tonight's decision for him. He then clarifies that it's more "satisfaction" than "revenge," because he doesn't "care for one of the people that are up there tonight." He doesn't tell us who it is, though. Brandon says that the ultimate satisfaction for him will be to cast a vote against that person tonight. He adds that the fact that they made it thirty-nine days among so many big personalities means that both Kimj and Ethan are due some credit. If Brandon gave me credit for anything, I think I'd be pretty happy about it.

They're walking; they're walking.

Frank tells us that there's loyalty in the game of Survivor, which can be seen in the final two of Kimj and Ethan. He says that sort of loyalty to each other will "catapult you up," but insists that "everything gets cut loose at the end" because there can only be one final survivor.

Ethan doesn't trip; Kimj doesn't fall over.

Big Tom says in a confessional that he decided who to vote for in "2.9 seconds." He tells us that as soon as he got voted off, he said to himself, "Self, I know who I wanna vote for in the thing!" He says that his question might be serious, or it might make them "scratch their heads and say, 'What kind of stupid question does he ask?'" He wants to make them wonder just "how stupid is Old Tom Buchanan?" How stupid, or how drunk?

Walk, walk, walk.

Kelly says she doesn't know what approach she'll take in tonight's Tribal Council. She wants to see Ethan and Kimj squirm because she's the first to admit that she's the "sorest loser out there." She bitches about the "Kelly-Voted-Off Debacle," and once again insists that she didn't vote for Lex Loser, so clearly she's not over it, even though she claims "that's fine." Kelly can't wait for tonight; she hopes she will make them "quake in their little Reeboks." She doesn't say "little pink Reeboks," which would have been funnier. She says she wants to see fireworks because she's been sitting around for a really long time. Besides, she just likes to watch things happen. She then raises both arms in a gesture of victorious victory and yells, "I wanna go now!" About fifteen of Kelly's different personalities made an appearance during this confessional.

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