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Peachy tells the jury to take some time and think about what Ethan and Kimj just said. In a moment, each of the J7 will have a moment to ask the S2 a question to help decide who will be "the ultimate survivor." Pause for suspense. Suspense? Anyone?

Peachy tells the jury that this is their big chance; he gives his typical "here's how it's gonna work" spiel. Each jury member will ask a question and/or make a statement. Peachy calls on Brandon to "get us goin'."

Brandon struts over, lowers his head, and bobs on his heels. He thinks it's "kind of funny," because he doesn't know yet who he's going to vote for tonight. He says he didn't know either of the S2 until after the merger, and he's not sure he even got to know them in the few days they spent together. He says, "So then I started thinking, who got to know me and liked me the best? And I realized, neither one of you liked me around to keep me around three days longer than Frank, so you couldn't like me that much." Hee. He then wants to know who Ethan and Kimj would choose from the jury to take their place in the final two. Ethan misunderstands the question and says that he would most like Lex Loser to be sitting next to him, and of course Lex Loser looks smug. Ethan says that Lex Loser was confident, "had extreme will," and won so many challenges that beating Lex Loser in the finals would be "one of the greatest accomplishments that [he] could...accomplish." Brandon keeps cocking his head back and forth. Kimj would also choose Lex Loser because he was supportive of her. She explains that she was berating herself after a failed challenge because she didn't have a good excuse, and Lex Loser said, "Like, yes you do -- you have fifty-six excuses." Kimj thought that was a very thoughtful and sincere thing to say. Brandon then asks which member of the J7 Ethan and Kimj think least deserves to "set up there." He just wants a name -- no explanation. Ethan looks at Brandon and says, "Um, you!" Brandon goes all steely-face and points at Kimj. Kimj says it's a tough question, but then says she guesses Big Tom. She feels he was not "in favor" of women at the end, and claims this belief is based on nothing but her feelings. Ethan keeps a straight face, and Brandon grins. Kimj thinks Tom is cool "because he's a guy's guy," but that if she has to pick a reason, that's it. She apologizes to Tom, and he dismisses it, but he's not happy about her apology, nor is she particularly earnest making it.

Lex Loser wants to know what is the first "selfless act" Kimj and Ethan plan to perform once they arrive home. Ethan looks at Kimj with a big grin on his face, and she's just kind of staring back at him. I think Ethan is laughing because Lex Loser asked exactly the type of question he expected Lex Loser to ask; and Kimj is staring at Ethan because he's staring at her. Kimj says that she plans to do what they all have said they want to do -- work on the Wamba project. She then spouts statistics about AIDS in Africa and says, "It's something that I feel really strongly about doing." Really, I'd say it's fairly common knowledge that AIDS is a huge problem in Africa; it seems fairly hypocritical only to want to do something about it once you've seen it for yourself. Ethan wants to do something closer to home. He says that playing hackysack with the children in Wamba touched him immensely, and that he plans to volunteer his time to starting an inner-city soccer league. Lex Loser thanks them for their answers.

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