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Frank is next. He's dressed very casual but stands very seriously at attenTION! He formally greets Kimj and Ethan and congratulates them on their achievements. He then launches into his expository question. When they first arrived in Africa, he says, they were warned about Africa's big five: the rhino, the cape buffalo, the elephant, the lion, and the leopard. He wants to know what are the "big five characteristics" of being successful at Survivor. Ethan begins counting on his thumb and answers: will power, strength, integrity, intelligence. He has some trouble with the fifth, but finally comes up with "a little bit of luck." I really hoped Kimj would say "three strong men on their tribe, some acrylic paints, and a whole lot of luck," but instead she cites respect, thoughtfulness, flexibility, love, and understanding. Frank thanks them and returns to his seat in disbelief that neither of the S2 answered "guns."

Kelly wants to say "hi" because she hasn't talked to them in a while. The S2 look amused and can obviously tell they're in for an attack of the Sue Hawk variety. It's a pale, pale shadow, though. Kelly says she's had fifteen days to think about who would be sitting across from her on this big night. She says that, "to be totally honest," she hoped both Kimj and Ethan would be on her side of the jury, but that it could have been worse. Behind her, Brandon examines his fingernails, and Lex Loser fidgets around. Kelly's voice cracks as she tells Kimj that she was "surprised and disappointed" by her "conduct" throughout Kelly's last few days on Mofo Maji. She points out that Kimj did some good things, too -- most importantly, she gave Kelly something she's been wanting for a long time: Lex Loser's own "walk of shame." She says that even though Kimj "totally sold [Kelly] out," Kelly still admires Kimj's accomplishments. She wants Kimj to know, however, that part of her success came at Kelly's expense. She finishes her diatribe against Kimj thus: "If you think you did this with high integrity, don't flatter yourself." Lex Loser grins at this; Brandon covers his face and rolls his eyes, most likely wishing he'd said that himself; Kimp wears her unflattering Tribal Council facial expression. Those furrowed eyebrows! As Kelly turns toward him, Ethan twitches and slumps. She says she listened at length to Peachy blabber on about the importance of relationships in Survivor, and snarks at Ethan, "I certainly didn't see you trying to make one with me. I don't know about anybody else." She says she's in a dilemma now, and will need their help: she wants them to pick a number between one and a thousand. Kimj picks three. Ethan twitches, looks over at Kimj, closes his eyes, and says 888. Has he never seen The Price is Right? Kelly remembers her manners at the last minute and says, "Thank you. I've very proud of you both."

Kimp tucks her hair behind her ears and smiles as she greets them. Sad music plays, because they've momentarily confused her with Elisabeth and think we've developed some sort of attachment. She says that she learned some things about herself from people like Tom and Frank that she wouldn't have learned otherwise. She wants to know from which of the jury members Ethan and Kimj learned the most about themselves, and from which of the jury members they learned the least about themselves, and why? Kimj's nose turns brown as she says that, "strangely enough," she learned the most from Kimp. She blathers on that it wasn't what tribe they were on or that Kimp was "particularly supportive of her," but that Kimp had the guts to call off her wedding. Kimj says she's always done exactly what was expected of her, and that she wasn't too old to learn from Kimp that that's not always the right path. Kimp is crying because that's what she does. Kimj also points out that when Kimp got "dealt a blow" by one of her tribe members, she was upset, but as soon as she got over it, she wanted to be friends with him again. Kimp shoots a look at Brandon, who doesn't look at her, but grins. Kimj continues, "You may not forget, but you are a forgiver." She says that's "huge," and thus she learned an "amazing amount" from Kimp. Kimj then insists that she's not picking on Tom, and that she had a lot of laughs with him, but that she didn't learn "a whole lot." Ethan earnestly says he learned the most about himself from Teresa. He felt a bond with Teresa and she was like his "safe place" in the game because he felt so comfortable with her. He found her will power and desire to win both admirable and inspirational. Ethan says he wants to be like Teresa, and that he'll take that knowledge away with him from Africa. He learned the least from Kelly because "it seems" like he didn't take the time to get to know her. He's sure she's a great girl and he's sure he could have learned things from her. Like how to be a bitch?

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