The Final Four: No Regrets

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Fallen Comrats

Big Tom congratulates both of them on their success in the game, and compliments their "great accomplishment." He says, "So I've got to ask you a question, and I will." And it goes a little something like this: "In camp, I lost a little bit of weight, and it was because of the mush. Ethan, if a hyena came through camp and eat our mush and then after he eat it he turned around and licked his heinie. Did he do it because that was the animal instinct, or because to get the taste of the mush out of his mouth? What do you think?" The jury members try to balance shock and amusement, as does Ethan as he answers that if he were the hyena and had eaten the mush, it would probably be just to clean his hind end because he didn't hate the mush as much as Tom did. Tom then exacts some revenge and exclaims, "Kim, you cooked that mush!" He thinks that, for that reason, it might be a "double standard" for her, and I have no idea what he means but that doesn't mean I enjoy watching him ramble on any less. He wants to know whether Kimj heard and understood the question. She's surprised that she's answering it, too, and then shows that the one thing she most certainly did not learn from Tom was a sense of humor. She also thinks the hyena was just cleaning his hind end, and that the mush was for survival. She says, "When you get hungry enough, you eat what you have to eat, and taste is one of the first luxuries that goes out the window." The jury snickers while Tom thanks and congratulates both of the S2.

Teresa stands before them and opines that Big Tom is a tough act to follow. She says that even when trying to play the game with integrity, there are times when you say something that you wish you hadn't. She wants to know, if the S2 could take back words said about any member of the jury, what were the words and about whom? Kimj says it's not so much something that she said, but something that she did. She insists that she didn't sell Kelly out, but she claims she didn't know enough to defend her, either. She didn't think the "mystery vote" was Kelly's, but adds that it all happened very quickly. She says she's not making excuses for herself, and that she was wrong not to have further investigated the situation. It's the one thing she regrets about Survivor more than anything. Ethan also talks about the "mystery vote." He says he thought it came from Frank and was very vocal about doing something about it. He feels bad now because he knows that the vote wasn't Frank's, and he would have made the wrong decision if he'd acted on his beliefs. Somehow, I don't think Teresa thought this question would end up where it did. In any case, she congratulates the S2 and calls them deserving. She's crazy about both of them, she says.

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