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Africans wail and dust tornadoes spin. As Tom and Lex Loser exit the boma on a wood-fetching mission, Lex Loser tells us in a confessional that there was a good chance that Tom had "pulled a bit of treachery when it came to him and" Lex Loser. He plans to confront Tom to see if he'll confess. Lex Loser tells Tom that they need to talk, so they throw the wood stretcher on the ground. The stretcher clatters to the ground to symbolize the clattering of Tom and Lex Loser's relationship. Or whatever. Lex Loser says he heard some stuff that made him really unhappy yesterday, and Tom says, "Okay, bro." Lex Loser says he believes in "havin' everything right out in the open," and Tom tells him, "Okay, then you put it out here."

Finally, Lex Loser gets to the point: he wants to know if, when the tribes merged, Tom told Teresa that Lex Loser couldn't be trusted. Tom exclaims, "Absolutely not!" He says it's not even a question, and that there should be no doubt about it. In a confessional, Tom wants to know, "What kind of question is that to ask this far down in the game?" He says that as far as he knows, he doesn't think he made that suggestion to Teresa (which, I hate to say, seems like an admission of guilt), but says if he did, it was because Lex Loser had won all the challenges and was so clearly in control of the game. Tom concludes, "If you're gonna run in front of the pack with a white horse, you're gonna be shot at!" And if you're gonna open a can of beans in Africa without the consent of seven other people, same thing. Lex Loser also wants to know if Tom ever told Kimj to vote for Lex Loser in his stead to avoid betraying the alliance. Tom flibbertigibbets around a bit, and then admits that the accusation is true. He mumbles some stuff about Survivor being a game, and Kimj being one of the players in that game, and his having no control over her. Lex Loser wants to know why Tom told Kimj to vote for him despite their pact, and Tom answers, "Why dig up bones?" Lex Loser doesn't think it's bone-digging; he thinks it's "current events." Tom then says that when they first joined Samburu, Lex Loser was the first to tell the original Samburus, "Well, don't vote for me." Lex Loser's voice drops an octave as he says he didn't do that at all. He thought it was "only fair and right" for them to say that none of them had votes against them; Tom says, "I felt like you saved your ass." Lex Loser insists that Tom is wrong.

The argument continues in the background as Lex Loser tells us in a confessional that a situation has "arisen" in which he and Tom do not see eye to eye. He says that Tom "had the impression" that Lex Loser wasn't working for or with him, but against him. Tom then points out that all he had to do was vote for Lex Loser one time, and Lex Loser would have been voted off. Lex Loser knows this. Tom repeats that he could have voted Lex Loser off anytime he wanted by just going like this: "L-E-X." Here, he spells out the letters in the air, probably to make sure he gets the spelling right. Lex Loser says he could have done the same thing, and Tom agrees, but I don't see how that's true. Lex Loser wants to go back to camp "square" with Tom, and he doesn't want Tom thinking the only reason Lex Loser is still in the game is "by [Tom's] good graces." He then completely spazzes out and yells, "I'm not here because anybody carried me along! No one carried me here! You're responsible because you're here! I'm responsible 'cause I'm here! It's not because Big Tom did Lex [Loser] a favor that I'm here!" Clearly, he puts the "lex" in "complex." Tom punctuates Lex Loser's rant with "no!"s and adds that he hasn't saved Lex Loser. The two men agree that they have covered each others' asses throughout the game. Tom tells Lex Loser that they have three more days, and he's not going to "fall out" with the alliance during that short a period of time.

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