The Final Four: No Regrets

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Peachy points out that the jury has a big decision to make, because they'll be awarding the million, as well as the title of Survivor, to one of the S2. And on to the voting! Peachy reminds the jury once again that they're not voting against somebody, but for the winner. And he's right; it's bound to happen one of these days: the selection of a competitor stupid enough to cast the wrong vote. ["Good thing they voted out the Survivor from Florida so early in the game." -- Wing Chun] He says they'll choose as the winner the most deserving person, or perhaps "the lesser of two evils."

Brandon saunters over to vote. As he writes down Kimj's name, he tells us it's a "pretty funny game." He says he'd already decided to vote for Ethan, and that his question was just meant to be one last jab at Frank. But then: "Ethan was so stupid...he slammed me on my own question!" Brandon is amused, bitter, and slightly disbelieving as he tells us, "You don't slam somebody on their own question" and then expect the voter to pick you. He thinks Kimj did well for her age, and is just as deserving as Ethan; besides, he says, "She didn't slam me on my own question!" He shakes his head and says, "Dumb, Ethan. So stupid."

Kimp removes the lid from the pen as if that alone is a difficult decision. After deliberating for a while, she votes for Kimj and tells us that it was an incredibly difficult decision. She says she originally thought she'd vote for Ethan, but then she realized that both were "absolutely amazing competitors" in very different ways, and she's been amazed and impressed by them both. She then pays Kimj some gratuitous compliments in return for the gratuitous compliments Kimj paid her earlier.

A furious Tom votes for "Eathen" and says, "Just like the Indian woman in my home town that stuck a knife in my back, everything that goes around comes around!" He addresses Kimj as he says he felt sorry for her when she lost the challenges, but he decided they'd keep the weakest one around. He says, "And you was the weakest one." He says that Kimj rode on the coattails of the Boran alliance through the end but, he says, "You're not Dorothy, and you can't click them shoes and do something...miraculous this time, because your fate has caught up with you." And then he proves he may be one cell over from Lex Loser in the Survivor loony bin by adding, "And no, I'm not whispering like you tell me every morning! Tonight it's my turn to tell you. Shh, I'm hushin' you! Shut up! You're done. Ethan, the best man has won. The weak one just run off. And I don't care if they do hear it!"

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