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Teresa thinks her vote is "well-deserved."

Kelly struts up to the podium and attempts to look flirtatiously into the camera before quoting some lines from The Graduate. She uses a semi-Southern accent, and says "568" in Mrs. Robinson's voice when I think it's Ben's line. I'm not sure this performance will help her on her route to becoming a "very famous actress." In any case, she says that The Graduate is her favorite movie, and then congratulates Ethan on having picked the number closest to the one of which she was thinking. She says nothing about how stupid they both were for picking numbers like three and 888. Oh, and I just saw The Graduate stage production here in Baltimore with Jason Biggs, Alicia Silverstone, and Kathleen Turner. If you liked American Pie and Clueless, this is the play for you. Kathleen Turner's fabulous, though. And she gets completely naked.

Peachy heads off to tally the votes while the jury fanatically whispers amongst themselves. I thought they weren't allowed to do that?

We're now back from commercial, and the S2 must have done some serious eating during the two-minute break. Ethan and Kimj look like they just split a healthy portion of Tom. Also, Kimj's skin has cleared up and Ethan's hair has gotten shorter. He's still awfully shlumpy, though. Peachy struts out and greets Ethan, Kimj, and the jury, who are all attired in the clothes they had on in the last Tribal Council to make us believe they're still in Africa even though they all look fatter and we'll soon be informed that this part of the telecast is live anyway. Peachy insists on pretending that it's still the thirty-ninth day in "what has been without question the most physically demanding and mentally challenging Survivor" yet. He says that the game is "life-changing" and then quotes Lex Loser, who said that you don't get to the finals in the game completely on luck or coincidence. No matter what happens, Peachy insists, Kimj and Ethan have earned their places in the final two. With all the votes cast and nothing left that could help or hurt them now, Peachy wants to know if Kimj has anything to admit that she wouldn't have during the game? She says that if the truth must be known, she was really scared in Africa a lot of time. No one responds, so she says, "I may not have covered it as well as I thought." She says she was also scared of letting both herself and the others down, and she didn't want anyone to think she didn't belong there. At some point, though, that changed, and she became more confident. Peachy wants to know when she "got the power." Kimj says she's "not so sure [she] got power," but that the final immunity challenge was a chance for her to prove that she deserved to be there and wasn't carried because of an alliance, nor because of her "great cooking." She says she just held on because she needed to prove herself. Peachy wants to know to whom she was proving herself; she says she likes to think she was proving it to the other players, but for the rest of her life she'll know she proved it to herself, as well.

Peachy asks Ethan what he thought "after enduring a certainly tough Tribal Council" where he was evaluated and even "attacked" at certain points. Ethan then slams Kelly and says, "For someone so smart and so knowledgeable about the game," he was surprised that she decided her final vote by an arbitrary number. He thinks it's frustrating because they worked really hard in Africa, and having it come down to that is "a little bit silly." Peachy wants to know if Ethan is okay with the fact that the deciding vote may come down to a number picked between one and a thousand; Ethan says, "I guess I have to be, don't I?"

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