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Fallen Comrats

In a confessional, Tom says that the situation is "basically a case of paranoia and worry-ation." That is a real word, by the way. You'll find it in the English/Tomglish dictionary. He tells us that his alliance with Lex Loser and Ethan has not "quivered," but when Lex Loser asks Tom to shake on it, Tom says, "I don't have to!" Lex Loser is surprised, but Tom insists that with the forthcoming Tribal Council, he doesn't need to make another alliance because he doesn't want Lex Loser to feel obligated. In a confessional, Lex Loser tells us that he can't forget what Tom has done for him in the past, and that they can "thank each other equally" for getting so far in the game. He doesn't say, "We're both responsible because we're both here!" He concludes that he would not "feel right about cutting [Tom] off at the knees because on a couple of occasions he's fallen from grace." So "cutting him off at the knees" would feel right under different circumstances? A piece of wood falls from grace. We then see Tom cowpoking around in the background as Lex Loser tells Ethan about Tom's refusal to shake his hand; Ethan thinks something is "a gamble." Lex Loser then feels out Ethan to see if he's ready to dissolve the original pact. Ethan flatly says he isn't, so Lex Loser says he isn't, either, although clearly he was hoping for a different answer. But don't lose hope -- there's still knee-cutting ahead!

The music swells dramatically, accompanied by a shot of the fast-moving boma and what looks like a coconut tree. As the S4 walk together, Lex Loser tells us that the past evening and morning "were some tough and trying times," so he and the other members of Mofo Maji decided to "Zen out for a while." They each stand on their own high rock, which reveals a view of their boma. First we see the view of the S4; then we see the view of the boma seen by the S4; then we see the view up each of the S4's shorts. Lex Loser tells us that it's very peaceful on the mountaintop, and they all agree that it's an incredible view. He says you get a different perspective from up there -- some might call that an aerial perspective -- "and you just can't help but think about stuff." Meanwhile Ethan marvels that they've been living in "that little circle" for thirty-six days. I guess it's better than living in a little square. Unless it was Meghan's box on Felicity, which might be kind of fun. And if that sounds perverted, it's not. Anyway, Ethan says in a confessional that Survivor has been the "ultimate adventure," and then Kimj says something about the mountaintop revealing the "remoteness" of the habitat. Because, after being in Kenya for thirty-nine days, she needs to stand on a mountaintop to know that their location is remote.

As the four stand side by side, Ethan and Lex Loser pose like bold explorers with with one leg raised, and then Tom lifts his arms in gesture of victory. Kimj, of course, does it, too. Tom says in a confessional that walking away with the million takes a lot of luck, and so far he's been pretty lucky. He is happy to have made it this far and concludes, "I'm gonna suck it in a little bit and enjoy it." Ethan's calf and foot tell us that they only have a few more days to look at the vista, and Kimj advises the others to "take it all in, cowboys." Kimj tells us in a confessional that it feels great to be the "last woman standing." She says she can make it to the final three, but that it will have to be "under [her] own power." If she had any. She acknowledges having won neither an immunity nor a reward challenge in the game, but insists "that's not to say that it can't happen." This was met with lots of "whatever"s in my viewing circle. A bird soars to prove us wrong, symbolizing the inner strength of Kimj. She insists that if she can pull it off and buy herself another day in Africa, "Nobody would be happier than [she]." Who would she expect to be happier?

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