The Final Four: No Regrets

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Fallen Comrats

Peachy next reveals a photograph and wants to know, "Whose children are these and what are their names?" Teresa looks pleased that her kids are getting some airtime. The S4 reveal their votes; Kim has Clarence and Kelly crossed out. Huh? Oh, I see; those are her answers for the previous questions. All know that Ellie and Tyler are Teresa's children. Tom is now in the lead with three correct answers, while everyone else has two.

The fifth question asks, "In which city and state is Jessie a deputy sheriff?" Ethan's asleep again, but manages to eke out the correct answer: Orlando, Florida, as does everyone else.

Next, Peachy wants to know, "Which survivor has a tattoo of a black widow spider, and for an extra point, where is it?" Kimj and Lex Loser say it's on Brandon's back. Ethan thinks it's on Brandon's left ankle, and Tom thinks it's on Brandon's butt. Lex Loser's answer actually said "small of back," but he gets it right, as does Kimj. Technically, I think Tom's answer might have been a two-pointer as well, but Peachy only gives him one point. Ethan also gets a point, and Kimj and Lex Loser each get two. This leaves Lex Loser, Big Tom, and Kimj tied with five correct answers, and Ethan with four.

Peachy asks, "Who are Sage, Hunter, and Jocelyn Rose?" Surprisingly, they're not the children of Mr. I. M. Crayola. They're Frank's kids, and what kind of stupid question was that?

The last question asks, "Which female survivor does not have anything pierced, including her ears?" We see close-ups of naked ears as Peachy warns the S4 to keep their last answers "very private" as they deliberate; he then encourages them to take a guess. Kimj hams it up trying to look like she doesn't know the answer, but I think she does. She answers that it's Kelly, and Peachy removes any suspense from the others' answers by telling her she's correct. Ethan guesses Linda, Lex Loser guesses Lindsey, and Tom guesses Jessie. Peachy doesn't even bother putting the immunity dog collar around Kimj's neck; he just hands it off to her and phones in the "well-earned" line. Kimj is now "immune" to the Tribal Council voting, and thus guaranteed a spot in the final three. Peachy cites her participation in "every single challenge we've had" as "a great achievement." That's like congratulating someone on good attendance. It doesn't mean anything except they never had anything better to do. But also, did Kimj never sit out on any of the team challenges when the numbers were uneven?

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