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I Miss You, Baby. Good Luck, Goodbye, Bobby Joyce
e Roscoe back to his lab, which is always his solution for everything. Peter wonders why the Observer would bring a dead man twenty-five years through time just to talk to his father. Good god, is Christopher Lloyd forever typecast and doomed to wind up involved with young men traveling through time? "I don't know. But every time the Observer shows up, it has something to do with you. And every time, it's something bad," says Walter darkly, forgetting that the first time the Observer showed up he, you know, saved Walter and Peter FROM DROWNING. Walter crankily stomps off to wait in the car and presumably to listen the Violet Sedan Chair channel on satellite radio.

And there is apparently no problem checking Roscoe out of the senior home to be transported to Walter's mad-scientist lab, as Pam gives Roscoe's medication to Peter: "Three pills at eight this evening, and he gets a little cranky if he doesn't eat," she says, like good thing she's reminding Peter that people need to eat food.

Meanwhile, Olivia's watching an older couple laugh and giggle with each other, and Peter says, "That's sweet," and Olivia agrees, and then it's time to puncture the sweetness so she pulls out the Buddha-killing book that came for her. "I don't think that this was for me. It arrived this morning, and I looked at the date on the order, and it was from when I was over there, so I figured that it was probably for her," she says. Well, it's not exactly like Peter can forward it on to her. Unless he's signed up for Amazon Universe Prime, in which case it probably wouldn't cost anything extra.

Peter starts to explain, but what really is there to explain by this point? Olivia stops him and says it's OK. Yeah, she just wanted to make him feel bad again. And then Roscoe comes along and says that he understands they're going to help him remember what Bobby said to him. "We're gonna try," says Olivia.

Over to Hanna's Jewelry, where a thief hurriedly empties a safe, the manager dead of suffocation inside a plastic bag. We see a pair of legs walk up behind the robber, who says he's almost done and asks how things are going out front. Getting no reply, he looks up -- and then goes for his gun, only to have the visitor stomp on it. Next thing he knows he's getting thrown, possibly unconscious, through a glass display panel, freaking out his two accomplices outside in the shop. One of them draws his gun and carefully heads towards the back, but the Observer grabs his arm and incapacitates him. The final thief at least manages to get off a couple of shots, but the Observer actually catches the bullets in his hands (not that he needed to -- judging from the trajectory, the thief is a terrible shot) and then knocks him out. He pulls out his little communications thingy and does his freaky dialing thing, calling 911 to give the address of the store and alert them to the robbery. He continues walking through the shop and finds a woman, bound with duct tape over her mouth, breathing heavily. Not in a sexy way. An asthma attack way. Not sexy. Unless you're into asthma attacks, I suppose.

He crouches beside her, pulls off the duct tape. "Help me," she gasps. He opens her purse and finds her inhaler, puts it to her mouth. She gets her breath back and starts to sob. "Thank you," she says. The Observer stands up, walks out the door. Outside, we see he's still holding the inhaler, and instead of going back inside to give it to her, he puts it in his pocket.

Over at Walter's lab, Peter's rolling in a piano with some mover -- doesn't the lab already have a piano? Haven't we seen Peter play it? Anyway, Roscoe is slumped in a chair nearby, eyes closed, electrodes strapped to his head, headphones on. He's listening to ocean waves, explains Walter: "I need him to be in a peaceful state of mind for the hypnotherapy to take full effect. Once he's in a more pliable state, he may be able to access his memories."

Then Walter puts on a pair of glasses that have one red lens and one blue lens, a design he attributes to his friend Dr. Jacoby in Washington. This is apparently a nod to the character Dr. Jacoby in Twin Peaks (set in Washington), but my familiarity with that show really only extends as far as references to it on The Simpsons.

Anyway, Walter says they're so he can see Roscoe's aura so that he can measure the depth of his hypnotic state, or some such nonsense. Astrid asks about the piano, and Walter says that Roscoe's mind doesn't work like theirs: "His creativity is expressed through music. Playing may help him to recollect the conversation he had with his son." Peter cynically thinks it's so Walter can get a private concert from his musical idol, which Walter unconvincingly denies, although he admits he would enjoy it.

Walter goes to rouse Roscoe, and tells him to listen to the sound of his voice, which isn't hard to do because Walter is practically screaming at the top of his lungs, at least until he starts using a microphone for the hypnosis.

So Peter strolls into the office, where Olivia tells him that she futilely checked traffic cameras for the Observer. Not content to let sleeping dogs lie (or actually do any work), Peter pulls out the damn Buddha book so he can explain. "You don't have to," says Olivia. LISTEN TO HER, PETER. He's not going to listen to her.

Peter says she asked him what his favorite book was, which he understands now was probably just her trying to gather information on him. "But I also know that I'm not the easiest guy to get to know," he says, although he should consider the possibility that maybe people just don't like him. Keeping people at arm's length is something they have in common, he says. "The book wasn't meant for her. It was meant for the Olivia Dunham that I've spent the last couple years of my life with," he says. Yeah, well, so was your penis, and that wound up in the wrong spot too. "You're the person I wanted to share it with," he adds. Yeah, well, as I said...

Olivia says she feels like Rip Van Winkle. Beg pardon, but Rip Van Winkle was never nominated for a Teen People's Choice award, now, was he? "Everything is different. Even you opening up to me is different. And this book is just a reminder of all the things that I missed. Conversations we didn't have..." she says. There's more, but Astrid inconsiderately interrupts them to tell them that Walter's doing it.

Out in the lab, Walter's sitting with Roscoe, who has his eyes closed, down at the piano. "At the count of three, you will open your eyes, but you won't be awake. You'll still be open and receptive as you are now," says Walter. After Walter counts, Roscoe opens his eyes and chuckles when he sees he's sitting at a piano. He familiarizes himself with the foot pedals and starts to play, something in a minor key. The Fringe gang looks on, interested -- Walter is rapturous watching his idol play. Eventually Walter asks Roscoe to think back to Tuesday night. "Tuesday is... chicken dinner," whispers Roscoe, who certainly has it sweet in the retirement home. Walter asks him what happened after he fell asleep. Roscoe haltingly says that he didn't believe it was Bobby at first since it'd been so long since he'd seen him. Yeah, that and he was dead, right? "I asked him if he was real. He took my hand... he was real," he says, in that signature Christopher Lloyd rasp. He'd stopped playing the piano, but starts up again as he says that Bobby whispered something to him -- and then slams his hands on the keys as Olivia's cellphone rings. She's utterly mortified, and scurries off to answer the phone, apologizing as she goes. Walter asks Roscoe to continue, but Roscoe says he doesn't remember what Bobby said. The moment appears to have passed.

Olivia gets off the phone to tell Peter that the Observer's been spotted in Brookline. Peter hesitates, though, wanting to make sure his father's all right. "If 'all right' means despondent, yes," says Walter. You know very well it doesn't! Astrid tells Peter that she'll look after Walter, so Peter and Olivia take off, with Olivia McDistracting Ringerso

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