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I Miss You, Baby. Good Luck, Goodbye, Bobby Joyce
seeing a doctor even an option? Peter's all, "I'm OK, I'LL JUST DRINK FROM THIS HANDY-DANDY BOTTLE OF MILK."

Meanwhile, Olivia spies the damn Buddha murder book sticking out of her bag, and she pulls it out to stare at it some more, whilst Peter babbles about getting close to an answer before someone changes the question. He sees her looking at the book, and then she sees him see her.

"So why is this your favorite book?" she asks him, and he says it's because it talks about not depending on other people for answers. "That you can only find the answers inside yourself. Which, given our current situation, is kind of amusing if you think about it," he says. Yeah, Peter, it's really best that if a woman is mad at you, for any reason, your fault or not, that you let her decide when it's OK to find it amusing.

Anyway, he takes a couple of aspirin and chases them with a swig of milk -- and moments later collapses in a seizure on the floor, much to Olivia's horror. Aw, she still loves him!

Walter and Astrid are still at Green Grove -- it's a retirement community! And it's more like a hotel at Captain Teeb's! -- when Olivia calls Walter, whose good mood is rapidly going to evaporate. Olivia tells him about Peter's seizure after taking the aspirin and drinking the milk from the refrigerator. "The organometals in the serum must have reacted with the phosphates in the milk!" says Walter, forgetting to add that at the very least he might have attached a sticky note that said "WALTER BRAIN JUICE, NO DRINK" to the bottle.

He tells Olivia that Peter needs an anticoagulant to stop the seizures, which she can find in his medical bag on the shelf near the centrifuge, and Olivia gets it and spills everything all over the place, and the magnesium sulfate that she needs isn't even in there, and Walter remembers that it too is in the refrigerator next to the mayonnaise because of course it is. Well, at least the magnesium sulfate is in its own bottle and not something that someone might inadvertently drink.

Olivia readies the injection -- Walter helpfully telling her to hurry -- and jabs it in Peter's right leg, as per Walter's instructions.

Walter, out of his mind, listens for an update from Olivia, who finally tells him that Peter is stabilizing.

Back at the house, Walter (wearing his favorite Violet Sedan Chair T-shirt) pours some chicken noodle soup into a bowl and brings it to Peter, who is recuperating on the couch. This after Walter put on an LP of someone singing the "If I Only Had a Brain" song from The Wizard of Oz. I think "Mama Said Knock You Out" might have been better, if only because I love that song.

He asks how Peter's feeling, and Peter says he's better. Walter thanks him: "My serum was flawed. It would have killed me if I'd taken it. You only lived 'cause you're young and healthy." Walter figures that this is what the Observer was doing: giving Peter a knock on the head so Peter would need some aspirin that he'd wash down with milk and ingest the serum instead of Walter. Peter, quite reasonably, points out that there probably was an easier way -- like, for example, saying, "Hey, Walter, your serum WILL KILL YOU" -- but Walter chalks it up to the Observer not being human and therefore not expected to think like us. Yeah, and maybe Rube Goldberg was an Observer too.

Outside, the Observer and December are watching the house, with the Observer admitting that he thought his experiment would fail. December, though, says the Observer was right: "He was willing to let his son die." The Observer: "Yes. And now we know. When the time comes, he will be willing to do it again." Looks like December owes the Observer a Coke.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. He wonders ho. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel[at]

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