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Soldier boy uncuffs Skeet while Keel stands there, ready to lambaste Skeet for his not terribly well thought-out plan, and says he managed to convince Charlie that five years in jail for Skeet would produce a lot of unwanted publicity. "I had to do something," says Skeet, and Keel says they were brought in to observe, nothing more, in his clipped English diction. "You sound just like your friend," snits Skeet.

The passengers make their way out to their families and friends. Karen's immobile in her wheelchair. Skeet walks over and kneels, taking her hand, eyes welling up. Evelyn looks at him, then looks over at the video camera. They don't say anything, which is unfortunate, since nobody ever says "that's so crazy it just might work" on television anymore.

Elsewhere, Phil wants to know what's going to happen to him. Keel tells him the army will take him somewhere to find out what he knows. "I don't know anything!" whines Phil, and Keel says he did, even if he doesn't remember, and the army's going to operate on the assumption that he still does. "Can't you do something?" he says. Keel asks Phil if he remembers the last thing he was thinking about before it happened. Phil says the passengers were running him ragged. He remembers talking to Deanna, who said her mother told her she can be anything she wants to be, and he remembers his mom telling him the exact same crap: "'Phil, when you grow up, you're going to do big things,'" he says she told him. "'You'll be important. You're going to change the world.'" Charlie comes in with a couple of guards, saying it's time to go.

As they leave the hangar, Keel pleads with Charlie to let Phil go, and Charlie asks if he hasn't done Keel enough favours today, and unless I'm mistaken, the favour tally stands at one, and maybe Charlie should remember that Keel came in as a favour to him in the first place. And then Charlie said he's had enough of Keel and his friends today, and strides away. Keel katches up and asks if he may at least say goodbye to Phil, which is kind of a weird thing to say, and Charlie tells him to make it quick. So Keel goes over to the escorted Phil, and in the first actually annoying scene of the series, Keel speaks in Aramaic and then grabs Phil's head, kind of like a faith healer casting out demons, before the guards drag Keel away. "What the hell was that?" says Charlie. "Traditional Aramaic farewell. Good night, Charlie," says Keel, rather pleased with himself.

As the gang leaves through the metal detector, Evelyn sets it off again. "It's the bullet lady!" says the guard, like, keep it in your pants there, corporal. Skeet goes through and also sets it off. "Must have been the keys," says Skeet. Good one. The guard searches Skeet and grabs a smuggled videocassette. He glares at Skeet, who says that's all there is. "You got some sort of problem?" says the guard, but lets him go anyway.

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