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There's Phil The Phlight Attendant Physicist, yammering away and saying things like, "All matter is held in place by these vibrating string-like entities," as the scientists cover white boards with formulae. I bet the translators are really pissed that he's now just speaking in English. Charlie asks what he means by "entities." Phil says, "Frequencies. All matter is held in place by them. If you disrupt the frequencies, the matter disperses." He struggles to explain what he means, finally describing it as being like that toy where you use the little magnet pen to move metal shavings around and give the bald guy in the picture frame a beard or a mustache or whatever. Everybody just stares at him, Keel with his trademark intensity, since this of course is Phil using a metaphor to explain an unwieldy concept. "All matter in the universe is thus given a kind of temporary cohesion, but it is…" he pauses. "Illusory." "What the hell just happened to him?" asks Charlie, but before Keel can offer up some long-winded theory, Skeet comes barreling in to say they need to let Karen out so she can go see her husband. He says Karen's getting sick again, that the effects are wearing off. "They're losing it," says Keel. Charlie says that means they don't have much time, and of course refuses to let Karen go. Skeet appeals to Keel for help, but Keel's too busy brooding. Skeet tries Charlie again, saying that Karen just wants to talk to her husband while she still can. "Give me five minutes," says Charlie, and leaves, and Skeet sarcastically thanks Keel for all his help.

Back in the hangar, Karen waits anxiously. Evelyn and her completely expressionless face notice Paul pacing around, so she tells him to try to not let it get to him. They sit down, and he says that if they don't want to let Karen out, they could at least bring her husband in, but Evelyn's all, I wasn't talking about that. "I mean everything," she says, adding she felt the same way when she first joined up with Alva. Skeet blathers on about how a week from now no one there will remember what happened to them, except for Skeet and Evelyn, and sometimes he wishes he… "You wish you could forget?" she says, and he looks at her, and she smiles. Then Charlie breaks up their little moment by stomping up to them and saying, "No one leaves," which makes me wonder the point of his "give me five minutes" thing was. ["Maybe he had to pee." -- Sars] Skeet walks away. Evelyn looks pretty.

Skeet's back in Karen's partition, and asks how she's feeling. She says she's tired and her head hurts, and he breaks it to her that whatever happened up there seems to be wearing off. "I have to see Mark," she says. "I already asked. They're not going to let anyone leave until it's all over," says Skeet, much to Karen's chagrin.

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