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Will says he began the message with "I'm not just saying this because I'm high." MacKenzie says, again, that she never heard that message. Will thinks she's just forgetting about it. MacKenzie says, for the fourth time, that she never got the message. Charlie somehow knows enough about what's going on to realize that Nina's source is Will's voicemail message. That's why she needs the second source -- because she can't admit that she hacked MacKenzie's phone to get the first one. MacKenzie just keeps whining that there was no voicemail message. "Because your phone was hacked and they deleted it," Charlie spells out for her. I'm trying to figure out why it took TMI three months from when Will left that message until now to get it to Nina or Nina to decide to go to MacKenzie with it instead of running it.

And then the theme song from CSI: NY starts up. Oh, good. I'd much rather watch that. Oh, no, I'm sorry -- it turns out this is just a The Who montage ramping up as Will disconnects himself from his various medical devices and quotes Don Quixote. "Sancho, my armor! My sword!" he says. "Which one of us is he talking to?" Charlie wonders. "GET BACK IN BED!" MacKenzie tries to scream over the music. Nurse Cooper comes back in, since Will's vital signs show that he is dead now that he's pulled all the tubes and things out, and asks who pulled the IV out this time. "She did!" Will says. And asks about her great aunt.

And then he's back at work! He's wearing real clothes instead of pajamas this time and MacKenzie is wearing her fifth or sixth clownshirt of the episode. Of course, the newsroom explodes into applause to see their leader back in action, and gets right to work. Maggie finds a clip of Mitt Romney saying that Obama made the economy worse and then another one of him saying that Obama did not make the economy worse. She is brilliant. No one ever caught a politician saying two different things before. Also, I thought this was supposed to be a broadcast about the Tea Party? Romney is a Republican... I don't think he's a Tea Partier.

Gary Cooper finds a graphic that says Obama is a hero or something.

Maggie throws sandwiches at everyone. The toss to Jim knocks over all most of the stuff on his desk. Isn't she wonderful?

Tess whips out her Bible and puts her glasses on. She puts the highlighter to work. This is journalism, you guys.

Will drinks cough syrup -- Effexor? Liquid vicodin? -- out of a bottle while watching Michele Bachmann.

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