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So Maggie runs away (very mature) and Jim jumps off the bus to chase her. But she hides in someone's doorway and he misses her. These guys are like eight years old. I don't care about the romantic entanglements of eight year olds. And then Maggie decides to reveal herself to Jim and they kiss. Wow. We have been waiting all season for this moment. The moment where Maggie screws over her boyfriend and her roommate/best friend at the same time and Jim cheats on his girlfriend. What a great couple they make.

The kiss ends and Jim says "I'm with Lisa." Maggie nods. "And you're with Don," Jim says. "I don't know if I want to be," Maggie says. Well, make a decision. Or just go in for another kiss. Denied! Jim pulls back. Didn't we see this happen on The Office? Except that Pam was the one who pulled away from Jim. And Jim wasn't dating Pam's roommate. Anyway, it would seem that Jim cares more about Don and Lisa's feelings than Maggie does. "You should get some sleep," Jim says. "You too," Maggie says. Whatever that means. Maggie says she's going to talk to Don. Jim walks away. He'd better not try to get back on that tour bus. No refunds.

Will continues to hate on the Tea Party. Here come Maggie's found quotations to show that the Founding Fathers weren't all as psyched about Christianity as the Tea Party claims they were. And then Will says the biggest "enemy" of the Tea Party isn't a Democrat. It's JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF! OH SNAP, TEA PARTY! YOU JUST GOT TOLD! Will's going to smirk at you now! And then quote the Bible, where Jesus said we should all feed the hungry, take care of the sick, and keep our prayers to our own damn selves. I'm sure the Tea Party will totally change its stance once it sees those Bible quotes. Our problems are solved!

Maggie is so bad at everything that she had to write down her break-up speech before giving it to Don and also rehearse it by talking to herself. You know she's determined because she's sticking her lower jaw out.

When she gets to Don's apartment, he's waiting for her in the hallway. Maggie looks for her speech paper. It takes her a while to find it. I can't believe Don would rather have her than Dr. Dr. Sloan. Maggie begins her speech, only for Don to interrupt her and invite her inside. She does, and finds the apartment full of lit candles. Oh my god, is he trying to KILL Maggie? She can't handle herself around a wastebasket! How the hell is she going to get out of this apartment without setting herself on fire at least eight times? The sight shuts Maggie up, and Don asks her to move in with him. He hands her a key. Maggie says she already has a key. "This one's in a box," Don says. He's all sincere and sweet, so Maggie's decision to dump him and get with Jim flies right out of her stupid little head. So he calls her. She doesn't answer the phone.

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