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The next day, Charlie swings by Will's office to pick up him and MacKenzie. The three head into a meeting with Reese and Leona. Will thanks Leona for the gift basket she sent him at the hospital, full of Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper. Ha! Leona rules. And then Will decides to be very professional and tell Leona that she has "a body that refuses to quit" and could be in Playboy. Leona ignores him and says Reese told on Will about him being high on TV during the Bin Laden story. Will ignores that to keep going with his Playboy spread joke. If I were Leona, I'd fire him just for that.

Charlie asks Reese how he knows that Will was high. Will admits that he was high on the air. Leona did not expect him to admit it so easily. "Could not feel my face," Will continues to admit. Leona says Will did a "very good" job in spite of that and now he's fired. "You can't fire him," Charlie says. "I just did!" Leona says. Will just smirks. Charlie says if Leona fires Will, her son will go to jail. Leona and Reese laugh at this. MacKenzie says she knows Reese hacked her phone. Does she? MacKenzie herself was barely able to understand it. Reese fires MacKenzie. Leona asks why they're accusing him of this. Reese says they're desperate and have no proof of what they're accusing him of. Charlie says he does, and explains that an NSA guy was giving him information until he jumped off a bridge four days ago, leaving behind an envelope with records of Reese ordering phones to be hacked. He had Casey Anthony's lawyer, MacKenzie and Howard Stern's phones hacked. Also the relatives of people killed by Somali pirates, for extra evilness. I'm still confused how the NSA plays into this. Did Reese ask them for permission to hack the phones?

Leona asks Reese if this is true. Reese says he was just trying to make sure TMI "stayed competitive." And yes, he ordered hacking. Wow, that was easy. He didn't even ask to see the proof or talk to his mother about this in private like any normal, reasonable person would have done. "This is what you wanted," Reese says. No, it is not what Leona wanted. And then Charlie whips out his recording device. Yes, he was recording this the whole time! Of course he was! He thinks he's pretty freaking special now, and smirks accordingly. There was a lot of smirking in this episode.

Reese tries to call their bluff. He says he'll go to jail before he lets these people blackmail him. Good for Reese! I don't care that he's a sleazebag for hacking phones! I'm rooting for him against Charlie, Will and MacKenzie any day of the week. But Leona gets to make the final decision. Charlie says it's time for her to "stand for something," like Will and MacKenzie do (they do? Will just admitted that he went on the air high. He has no right to hold himself up as a paragon of journalistic virtue here) or like Hancock did by throwing himself off a bridge (uh... okay). Charlie says they can "do the news" and stand up to those bigots in the Tea Party. "You and me," he says. Ah, Sam Waterston and Jane Fonda are trying their best in this scene, but it can't be easy. These are really bad lines. Also, every time Sam Waterston gets this cheesily sincere, I remember that SNL commercial he did for robot insurance.

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