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Leona doesn't say anything. Charlie tells Reese that TMI won't run the story about Will because TMI no longer exists -- Reese is going to shut it down. Leona says she doesn't "negotiate" like this. Charlie says this isn't a negotiation. While Will does the show tonight, Leona can think about what she's done here and either send her son to jail or not. Will stands up looking insufferably smug and tells Reese to "give six month's salary to a school or something." "Don't shoot and miss," Leona tells him. Will and Leona exchange ridiculous nods, only for MacKenzie to ruin the moment by saying "lucky for Will, he's got the aim of a sharpshooter who's been trained to shoot and... hit the target... " She closes her eyes and turns around to leave. "You can't just start to say something ... " Will mutters after her. If MacKenzie hadn't spent the season being so awful at everything and so unbearable to watch, I would have really enjoyed that little scene.

Leona grabs the envelope and opens it to find... a recipe for beef stew. Not even an original, either! Hancock sent Charlie a COPY of his recipe; like, who was he saving the original for? He's dead and his kids don't visit. Anyway, Leona and Reese got played. Because they are idiots. That is the oldest trick in the book.

Dr. Dr. Sloan yells at her audience about the freaking debt ceiling again, then they go to a commercial. Will asks Dr. Dr. Sloan who the blonde girl sitting in the newsroom is. She doesn't know. Will says she's been there "all day." Dr. Dr. Sloan tries to get him to focus on her and the speech she's had prepared for him for like two weeks now. She says "The Greater Fool" is an economic term for someone who makes a bunch of mistakes so the rest of us don't have to. He has "the perfect blend of self-delusion and ego to think that he can succeed where others have failed. This whole country was made by greater fools," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. And yes, she's staying at ACN. No $4 million a year venture capital job for her! Who's the Greater Fool now?

In the control room, MacKenzie suddenly realizes that she has no idea what Will's voicemail message said. And she has to know RIGHT NOW even though the show is about to return from the commercial break in ten seconds. She slides over to Will and asks him what the rest of the message said. He doesn't want to say. She bites her lip and thinks she's adorable. And then she chickens out first and walks off the set just as the show comes back from the break.

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