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The doctor asks if Will takes a pain medication. MacKenzie says he does for his stupid baseball injuries, but very rarely. Terry Crews gives the doctor the name of the medication (naproxen), as well as the anti-depressants Will is taking now (Effexor) that MacKenzie had no idea about. All MacKenzie wants to know is when this started, like that's really important now. The doctor asks if Will's been "particularly depressed about anything recently," and everyone knows the answer to that is yes, over a magazine article that "mocked" everything NewsNight stands for. "He's taken it very personally," MacKenzie says. Yes, well that was his giant face on the cover of the magazine, so one can understand why. The doctor informs Terry Crews, Charlie and MacKenzie -- none of whom are a member of Will's immediate family or authorized to hear any of Will's confidential medical information -- that Will may have been "self-medicating." Naproxen can burn a hole in your stomach lining, but Will might have needed it because he kept getting migraines from the combination of Effexor and bourbon. Wow, these guys are like House right here. Even MacKenzie, who can play the part of one of House's ditzy female Cottages. The doctor decides that Will took too many anti-depressants. So he overdosed? He got an overdose ulcer? Now I'm confused like MacKenzie.

It's not like Will's in any danger of dying, since we know he's well enough to tell us about Dorothy Cooper eight days later. Dorothy Cooper is a 96-year-old Tennessee resident who's been voting since she was 21. But soon she won't be able to vote anymore, because the Evil Tea Party is trying to enact voter ID legislation and she doesn't have a government-issued photo ID. I'm assuming she also doesn't have the ability to get one because her age makes tracking down her birth certificate difficult -- if she even has one. Will doesn't touch on that point, though. Also, remember in Episode 2 when MacKenzie said they wouldn't focus stories on one person because it was audience manipulation? Well, MacKenzie apparently doesn't.

Will continues that 20 million people somehow don't have government-issued IDs. I'm sorry, but no. You cannot tell me that 20 million people who regularly vote in elections don't have an ID. I really think that number is just a little bit inflated. They say 50 million Americans don't have health insurance. I know several of them. I don't know one person who doesn't have some kind of government-issued photo ID. Will throws to a clip of Rick Perry talking about how important it is that we put laws in place to prevent voter fraud, then comes back to drop this knowledge bomb: out of 196,000,000 votes, there were all of 86 cases of voter fraud. That's 0.00004% of the votes cast. And they put that in red text so you know that It's Serious. I get what Will is saying here and I agree with him, if not the "facts" he's using to make the argument. I mean, okay, there were 86 cases of voter fraud that we know of. The whole point of voter fraud is that we don't know that it happens. It could just be that those 86 were really bad at being fraudulent voters.

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