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Anyway, Will says Republicans are for voter ID legislation because the people who would be disenfranchised by it predominantly vote Democrat. But Will is not ashamed to admit that he is a Republican and that, he says, is tonight's second story. So... three seconds in, we're done with Dorothy Cooper? We didn't even get to interview her! They just slapped two photos up behind Will and called it a day! Lazy. Also, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the second story is apparently about Will himself.

Seven days earlier, Jim calls the morning meeting to order. Once again, a plate of delicious pastries is in the middle of the table, untouched. While Jim's underlings propose stories, Jim tells them to hold up because he wants to talk about something truly important: Sex and the City. Tess asks if he's talking about the show or sex in general. Maggie is furious because she knows Jim is only asking about this because of Lisa. Oh my god, are women still this hung up on Sex and the City? This was only a year ago. Lisa is supposed to be 26 years old. Sex and the City went off the air when she was 20. Anyway, Jim needs a Sex and the City crash course. It's called Wikipedia. Or perhaps you could read some of TWoP's delightful recaps! Or maybe you could take Neal's suggestion and go on a three-hour-long bus tour.

Looks like Will fell asleep reading a copy of New York magazine. Or maybe MacKenzie just put it on his chest so it would be the first thing he saw when he woke up. Wearing a third clownshirt, MacKenzie stands over him and says he needs to rest. How can he when she's looming over him like that? She takes the magazine away and then smacks him with it while screaming at him, saying she waited for him to finally wake up so she could assault him and then tell him to "stop being so sad about this." Will says he's "over it." MacKenzie finds that hard to believe. I thought they were talking about MacKenzie cheating, but I guess this time it's about the magazine article. MacKenzie points out that Will has gotten bad press before and even from Brian a few times. Also, Jane is hosting the show in Will's absence. GOOD. Jane, as we learned a few episodes back, is QUALITY. I'll bet MacKenzie is only hanging out in Will's hospital room instead of being at ACN right now because she's afraid of Jane after cutting off her signal.

MacKenzie says the article was a "hatchet job" written by "an idiot ex-boyfriend" that isn't worth the two weeks Will's apparently been sulking about it. Will quotes the article: "It's as though McAvoy is unaware of how ridiculous he looks doing what he thinks passes as a Murrow (mention #50,004) impersonation." And some stuff about how Will's premise is antiquated and irrelevant. And, he says, they're right. "Being a cynic is easy," MacKenzie says. Actually, you know what's easy? Being a journalist when you have a personal connection to every big story.

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