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MacKenzie tells Will to get over himself. Will says this is his Don Quixote moment and this article is his mirror. MacKenzie doesn't know what he's talking about because we all know how very little she knows about Don Quixote. He says he's not coming back to ACN. MacKenzie says he will if she has to chop him up, put him in a duffel bag and re-assemble him behind the anchor desk. She could have just said "drag you back to the office." Much less violent. Her phone rings, but she ignores it for a while because she doesn't actually know how to answer her own phone.

Evil Nina, TMI's top reporter, a.k.a. the only journalist on this show who seems to know how to investigate a story (except for the whole possible phone tapping thing), meets MacKenzie in Columbia Circle. Look at me, recognizing NYC landmarks! I'm such a New Yorker now. Nina says she has a story she doesn't want to write. "Then don't write it," MacKenzie shrugs. Yeah, I'm sure that's why Nina called you here, MacKenzie. For your sage wisdom. Nina says she has one source. If she gets a second one, she'll have to write the story. MacKenzie finally asks what the story is about. Nina says she knows that Will went on the air high to announce the death of Osama bin Laden. MacKenzie takes way too long to respond, so Nina knows she's right. MacKenzie insists that Nina's source lied to her. Nina says the source is "unimpeachable." MacKenzie stammers out more denials, but Nina tells her to shut up and listen because she's trying to "help." She says as soon as she gets the second source, she'll go to press with the story.

MacKenzie says she doesn't trust Nina. Why not? MacKenzie knows that Nina is telling the truth, so she must also know that Nina has nothing to lose by telling MacKenzie about it. Instead, MacKenzie's going to judge Nina and her work while allowing a guy stoned out of his mind to go on the air. Nina admits that she doesn't like "some of the things" she's written about Will, MacKenzie and several others. MacKenzie smirks and says she doesn't believe her. Nina asks what she wanted to be when she grew up. Apparently, MacKenzie wanted to be the worst best EP in the business, so she's happy. Nina says she, too, wanted to be the worst best EP in the business. Instead, she's a horrible gossip reporter. She says no little girl ever wants to grow up to be a gossip columnist. Speak for yourself, Nina. I wrote my own tabloid when I was nine years old and it was AWESOME. MacKenzie says she doesn't feel sorry for her. "Make sure I don't find a second source," Nina says. They part ways. "It's not true!" MacKenzie calls out after her. "Yes it is," Nina says; "I'm sorry." Nina is more competent than 10 MacKenzies.

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