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There's A Trick With A Knife I'm Learning To Do
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In the middle of the night in a Manhattan alley, Olivia sits in a car and watches workers scrub Etta RESIST posters off the walls, revealing the Observer iconography underneath. Good thing Peter's not here, as this would make him crazy! I mean, if he could, you know, feel emotion.

Anil furtively hops in the passenger seat, carrying a duffel bag or something, and gives Olivia a little unwrapped bundle, which she opens to find a piece of Observer tech just like the one Peter put in his own neck. "Let's just say it was a souvenir for one of my men," says Anil. He doesn't know how it's activated, but says they'd love to learn anything Walter's able to learn about it. He also starts to say he didn't have any inclination of what Peter was doing, but Olivia cuts him off, saying she knows.

As for the bag, Anil says Astrid told him they were running low on ammunition, so here's some for them now, and they'll arrange to meet for more later. And with a heartfelt offer to do anything else he can to help -- easy, tiger, she and Peter haven't broken up yet -- he's gone. Olivia stares at the little device. This is worse than when Peter got really into fantasy football, she thinks. Outside, the traces of Etta are almost all gone from the walls, with the Observers and "THE FUTURE IN ORDER" underneath.

Speaking of Peter, he's over in Etta's apartment, still scribbling away notes and times and timelines all over those cool clear board things. I want them, and the markers, so much! I have no idea what I'd do with them. Probably just draw AC/DC logos all over them, but STILL.

In the hall outside, Windmark and another Observer pop into view, and calmly stroll down the corridor, as the sounds from inside the apartments filter through their heads. It slides by quickly, but the timeline Peter's working on contains notations like "4:32 respond to disturbance" and "4:43 native gives tip. W learns location" and "5:02 gets in town car" and "5:08 Burger King drive-thru." (I may have made up one of those.) He glances up, looking alarmed, and then out in the hallway, Windmark points and says "There" and a moment later they pop into Etta's apartment.

Peter's not there now, of course. Windmark and the Observer stroll through the apartment, and examine the boards. "He is foretelling your movements. He has gained the ability to run futures," says the Observer, as they look at the newest timeline, featuring "5:08 Windmark comms his team" and "5:40 Windmark appears in hallway." And then, the last entry: "5:42 you are here." A shot of the clock on the nightstand hammers it home that it is, yes, 5:42, and we cut to Peter standing on the street below, darkly staring up at the silhouette in the window. He does not have a sniper rifle.

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