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Michael's Got a Gun

Sarah's clearing the table as Jack enters, post-Gabby-kissing. Sarah asks how Brokeback Papa's operation went and Jack tells her that he died. She says she's sorry to hear that and continues clearing the dishes. Jack asks who was over and Sarah says it was her mom. I know. This conversation is scintillating, isn't it? Jack removes his jacket and rolls up his sleeves and meets Sarah at the sink, where he starts to dry the dishes she's washing. He thinks it's therapeutic to wash dishes and that it's cheaper than a shrink. If he really thinks that, I've got a sink I'd like to introduce him to.

Sarah looks at Jack sadly for a moment and then asks how the daughter took it. "She kissed me," says Jack. Wow. Way to soften the blow, dude. Sarah turns and looks at him and Jack says that he kissed Gabriela and that she kissed him back and that he doesn't know how it happened, but he made a mistake and it's his fault that their marriage isn't working. She's crying and so is he, and he promises that things are going to be different and he's going to work less and be there for her and he's gonna fix this and they're gonna go back to the way things were and he pulls her into his arms. They hug briefly, but she pulls back and says that she's leaving him. She was leaving him before he started making out with the Brokeback Ho, and that's why her mother was there: to help her pack. ["Which is why she waited to bring it up until he…started drying dishes? Who wrote this scene, David Lynch?" -- Sars] Jack moves away from her, his face pained. Sarah drops another bomb: she's been seeing someone. "Someone else," she says, in case he didn't get that she's been screwing around from the "seeing someone" remark. Sarah goes to leave and Jack tries to stop her with his tears. "You will always need something to fix," she says. Wow. Spot on, Sarah. Jack breaks down and we Jet Swoosh back to the present.

The Scouts are making their way back into camp. Kate's still trying to ineffectually stay near Jack, but he's completely ignoring her, which is really enjoyable for me. She finally stops bird-dogging him and he walks on. Sawyer stops next to Kate and Locke passes by. "See ya, James," he quips. Hee. Sawyer glowers at him, but there's nothing he can really do about it at this point. Sawyer tells Kate not to beat herself up about it; if Jack had told him to stay behind, he'd have done the same thing she did. What, chase after them uninvited and get kidnapped by hairy rednecks? Somehow I doubt that. Kate stares after Jack as if her staring will somehow erase the fact that she made out with him in the jungle and then ran away like a little girl.

Down on the beach, Locke comes upon Claire and Aaron and he makes a failed attempt to coochie-coo the baby, but the baby's like, "Meee no likey Mr. Cleeeeeean!" Charlie sees this little scene and, since he can only think about himself, you can tell the thought bubble above his head reads, "Why can't the baby not like meeeeee?!" He kind of huffs and goes off to stare at his stash of Holy Heroin Virgin Mothers some more.

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