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You Don't Know Jack

After Faucke takes off Jack taps Hurley, Sun and Frank to leave with him, telling them there's no time to explain, they just have to go. Hurley thinks they should stick with Sawyer's plan, "Or he'll be really pissed." Heh. Jack: "This is Sawyer's plan. Let's go!" Claire watches them from a distance, looking nearly as evil as her friend.

Faucke catches up with Shell of Sayid who seems different. (Don't worry, Buffy's gone.) He asks where he's been and what took him so long. Shell of Sayid says he was simply doing what he asked, but, "I just shot an unarmed man. I needed a moment." Since when? Faucke : "Did you kill him, Sayid?" Sayid says of course he did. And then he turns to me and whispers that he's no longer a mere shell, before smiling at Faucke. "Go and check, if you like." There's light in his eyes, a soft lilt to his voice. Anakin Sayid is BACK, but if Faucke knows, he doesn't let on. "Come on, we have a boat to catch." Sayid waits a moment, making me think he's going to run, but eventually, he follows Faucke, which is a good idea, since you can't really outrun a Smoke Monster, even if you're Sayid Jarrah, action hero.

Jacobites: Frank agrees with me and says he hopes Jack knows where he's going, "Because that smoke thing runs a hell of a lot faster than we do." Word, Frank. Why, I bet he runs faster than Burt Reynolds in The Longest Yard. At first, Jack can't see the dock through the trees, but finally, Hurley spots it, and the Elizabeth. The Jacobites join Kate and Sawyer onboard. Frank asks if they're sailing the boat back home, but Sawyer explains that it won't work without a bearing. "For three years, the only way DHARMA folk ever got on or off this island was by sub, so that's what we're doin'." He then addresses Jack: "Nice job, Doc." Jack faints, falls into the water, and drowns. Okay, not really. Before the crew can set sail, an armed Claire appears at the tree line, rifle at the ready. When she wants to know where they're going, Kate explains that they're leaving the island. Claire thinks it's funny they're not waiting for "John." Kate explains that's because whoever he is, he's not John. I think everyone knows that Kate. Then she dangles the carrot: "Come with us. I can get you back to Aaron." Sawyer swears, but Kate tells him to shut up. "She is coming or I am not." A beat. "Come with us, Claire." Claire hesitates, and starts to explain that John promised to get her back to Aaron, but Kate cuts her off. "No. I'm promising you. I was there when he was born, and I never should have raised him. It should have been you. I came back to get you, so you can be with him again. It's the only reason I came back to the island, Claire. So please come with us. Let's go home." Nicely done, Freckles. Kate relieves Claire of her weapon -- and maybe of her fight, yeah? But Claire does caution: "He finds out where gone? He's gonna be mad." Yeah, but he can't kill all of you, Claire. Well, actually, maybe he can kill you. But there are rules and. Well, I'm sure everything's going to be fine, right? < /delusional>

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