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Stop The Hardy Boys -- I Want To Get Off

Ellsworth's Emporium. Immediate aftermath. Again. Some more. The roiling cloud of bitterly black demonic foulness has at last wrapped itself around the Emporium, and Crowley eventually emerges from it to saunter through the front door. "My, my," he mildly opens. "Playing with fire again?" Crowley snaps his fingers, and the burning circle of holy oil extinguishes itself in an instant. The moment he's free, Castiel storms forward, growling, "If you touch the Winchesters..." but alas! Crafty Crowley's magically transported himself to the other side of the room, where he calls out, "Heard you the first time! I promise: Nary a hair on their artfully tousled heads." "Besides," he adds, "I think they proved my point for me." "It's always your friends, isn't it, in the end?" he continues. "We try to change, we try to improve ourselves, and it's always our friends who've got to claw into our sides and hold us back!"

"You know what I see here?" he smirks, really getting into his endless-seeming monologuing by this point. "I see the new God and the new Devil, working together!" My Sweet Baboo's as sick of this crap as I am, and he gets all up in Crowley's grille to glower, "Enough! You stop talking, and get out of my sight!" "Glad I came!" Crowley sarcastically replies. "You're welcome, by the way," he adds, and with that, he steps around Castiel to make his way towards the front door. Before continuing out into the night air, however, he pauses, then turns to offer Castiel the following: "You know the difference between you and me? I know what I am. What are you, Castiel? What, exactly, are you willing to do?" Crowley vanishes, leaving My Sweet Baboo all alone and guilt-stricken. Or something like that.

Bobby's Emporium. Down in the study, Dean dozes on the sofa. Every single window in the place has been spray-painted with various sigils I'm going to guess are Enochian in origin, but Castiel flutters in anyway, much to Dean's immediate and loud consternation. "How'd you get in here?" Dean barks, bolting upright on the couch. My Sneaky Baboo shrugs, "The angel proofing Bobby put up on the house? He got a few things wrong." "Too bad we gotta angel-proof in the first place, isn't it?" Dean snaps, rising to his feet for the conversation that follows. "Why are you here?" he demands. "I want you to understand," Castiel begins, but Dean rudely cuts him off to make with the mocking noises in his face. "I'm doing this for you," Castiel insists, before amending that to, "I'm doing this because of you!" "Because of me?" Dean scoffs. "You gotta be kidding me." "You're a frigging child, you know that?" Dean peeves. "Just because you can do what you want doesn't mean you get to do whatever you want!"

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