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Stop The Hardy Boys -- I Want To Get Off

Ellsworth's Emporium. Immediate aftermath. The primary minion continues beating on Dean until My Sweet Baboo takes it upon himself to intervene, and Castiel materializes to sear the minions' brains out with his magical hands. And when the last minion lies dead, the boys plus Bobby pick themselves up off the floor to thank Castiel for the unexpected assist. "Well, Bobby," Dean smirks, "what do you think about Castiel saving our asses again?" "I think we owe you an apology," Bobby allows. "Why?" My Sweet Baboo wonders, all wide-eyed and such, for he is adorably playing dumb. "We've been hunting Crowley this whole time," Sam admits, "and keeping it from you." "We thought you were working with him," Bobby confesses, but he hastens to add, "We were wrong." "We just hope you can forgive us," Dean finishes for the three of them, and Castiel's Voiceover kicks in to marvel, "Wonders never cease! They trusted me again, but it was just another lie." "It's forgotten," Castiel assures Bobby and the boys, and then My Boneheaded Baboo fucks himself over, but good. "It is a little absurd, though," he smiles, making the mistake of teasing them over their suspicions. "Superman going to the dark side?" he grins. D'OH! Bobby and Sam keep those slap-happy smiles of theirs firmly affixed to their faces, but Dean's entire expression just falls, and he murmurs, "I guess we can put away the Kryptonite, right?" "I didn't realize it at the time," Castiel's Voiceover interrupts, "but it was all over, right then, just like that." And as if to prove Castiel's Voiceover right, the instant My Bumbling Baboo turns away from him, Dean scowls. DUN!

Crowley's Cut-Rate Abattoir. My Badass Baboo barges in to upbraid Crowley for siccing his minions on the boys, and the entire scene quickly devolves into a screamy round of rampant bitchery, with Crowley eventually calling Castiel out on what he calls "The Big Lie." "The Winchesters still buy it," Crowley sneers. "The 'good' Castiel -- the 'righteous' Castiel -- and as long as they still believe it, you get to believe it, but I got news for you, kitten: A whore is a whore is a whore!" Sassy. Castiel shoves Crowley up against a wall with such force, he ends up denting the thing, and he gets real close to Crowley's face to threaten him like so: "I'm only gonna say this once: If you touch a hair on their heads, I will tear it all down -- our arrangement, everything. I'm still an angel, and I will bury you!" With that, My Badass Baboo flutters off, leaving Crowley alone to rage at the ceiling about synergy and whatnot while we get kicked back up to...

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