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Anyway, Tracey, on his deathbed, declares that Mal had a good plan. He fails to add, "If you had told me your plan instead of feeding my paranoia, I wouldn't have shot Wash and I wouldn't be dying now. Hello!" Tracey then takes the blame for the whole thing because of his general stupidity and inability to get his life together after the war. He apologizes to Kaylee, and for using Zoe and Mal with his message. And now, coincidentally, he's going ask them to bring his body home, for real this time. Mal nods and says, "You know the old saying..." Tracey says, "When you can't run, you crawl. And when you can't crawl, when you can't do that..." Zoe finishes, "You find someone to carry you." Or, you know, shoot you in the chest -- twice. Whichever. I guess the point was that Tracey was supposed to trust them, even though Mal pretty much told him twice that Tracey's problems were of his own creation. And then, Tracey dies.

We cut to Zoe and Mal carrying Tracey's coffin out to a snowy surface where a small geodesic dome seems to indicate a tiny community. Tracey's comments from his original message about being able to survive in the real world play in the background, and him begging Zoe and Mal to carry him back home. Everybody, including the villagers, gathers around the coffin. Kaylee hands the recorder over to a man who is probably Tracey's dad. Then she heads over to Simon's side and grasps his hand for comfort. The episode ends with Tracey repeating that stupid saying, and Mal wearing his serious face. Shut up, Mal's face. Your patronizing attitude is what got Tracey killed.

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