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Tracey and various members of the crew gather in one of the common areas to get comfortable for all the exposition. Tracey explains that he had his internal organs removed and replaced with these super-organs. There's a lot of money in it. He says the organs are grown in a lab, but have to be moved in a person. Simon chimes in to explain that medical technology isn't advanced enough to transport them otherwise. So they can transport Tracey's normal organs in Ziploc bag or something, but I guess the super-organs are too unstable. Tracey was expected in Ariel to have the super-organs replaced with his current organs, but then he got a better offer for triple the money. He wanted to use the money to help his family, who are apparently living in less than ideal conditions. But apparently Tracey's employers found out about the deal and had his new buyer killed. Tracey was captured, but escaped. He figured if he "died," they'd stop looking for him. If these super-organs are so unstable, wouldn't shutting them down in a fake death be as dangerous as trying to transport them outside a living body? Oh, never mind. There are much bigger problems with the script than this. Like, why does anybody need super-organs? Is there any connection between these super-organs and the experiments done on River? Is there any reason these details actually matter? Another warning shot from Officer Evil! rattles the ship, and Mal tells Tracey that the whole "dead" plan didn't necessarily work.

We get a nifty CGI shot of Officer Evil!'s ship shooting missiles (silently, of course) so that they explode just in front of Serenity. Then we cut back to the bridge, where everybody's coming back up to find out what's going on. Wash freaks out briefly that Tracey's up and about. Wash tells Mal they're five minutes from St. Alba's atmosphere. Mal orders Kaylee to take Tracey off the bridge and have the two of them strap in somewhere. Officer Evil! comms in to say a bunch more really evil things and threaten to kill them all like he killed the other people who got in his way. So I guess maybe murder isn't entirely over the line for them. Tracey eavesdrops on the conversation as Mal lies that one of the shots blew up a thingy-wah, so they'll have to land on the planet. Officer Evil! agrees. Tracey finally leaves the bridge. After Officer Evil! comms out, Mal points to something on a topography map that looks like a small valley between a bunch of mountains. He asks Wash if he can get them there. He can. Mal uses the ship comms to warn everybody to hang onto something. They've got a lot of CGI to go through and not a lot of time, so things may get a little bumpy.

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