The Mistake

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Unhappy Accident

House and the Cottages assemble in the meeting room. The Cottages list off possible diagnoses for Kayla, while House has difficulty opening a medicine bottle, which is starting to become a trend for him. He tosses the bottle to Chase to open it, but Stacy's voice comes in mid-throw and freezes the frame with its icy edge. She says she doesn't care about the Vicodin, so it disappears with a "pop" and the scene continues. Vasculitis is thrown around as a possible diagnosis for Kayla. A form of it called Behçet's Disease is consistent with all of Kayla's symptoms, except for the tell-tale oral or genital sores. House sends Chase off to look for them, and we are transported back to the present, where Stacy asks why House sent Chase off to examine Foreman's patient. Chase sighs, and we go back to the past, where Chase is fiddling with House's Vicodin bottle as House sends Foreman off to look for genital sores. Suddenly, the cap flies off the bottle, scattering House's precious pills all over the table. Chase knows exactly what's coming to him for that, and isn't surprised when House assigns him to examine Kayla's privates instead of Foreman. You'd think this would teach Stacy a lesson about not deciding what is or isn't important to a story until after the entire story has been told, but you'd be wrong.

Chase examines the hell out of Kayla's vaginal region. Unsurprisingly, his patient isn't having the greatest time of her life, so Chase tries to make conversation to put her at ease. That's nice of him, but really, I personally would rather not engage in conversation with someone while he's looking at my personal areas. Then again, I don't even like to talk to people in other bathroom stalls, so maybe I'm just neurotic. Kayla apologizes for her unease, saying that she hates hospitals. Chase says he's loved them ever since he got his tonsils out when he was twelve years old and got to skip school and eat lots of ice cream. That's what made him want to be a doctor. He should have just become an ice cream man. You still get to give kids tasty frozen treats, but there's a lot less school involved. Just an Associates in Good Humor, I believe. Kayla says she also had a childhood hospital experience, but hers was slightly less fun: when she was eight, she spent months at Princeton General watching her mother die. Chase flips through Kayla's file with his still-gloved hand -- which I'll bet the folks down at medical records will really appreciate -- and sees that Mother Kayla died of DTs. This creates a nice bonding moment for Chase and Kayla over their shared alcoholic-mother experiences. Chase talks about how his father left him to take care of his mother, and Kayla asks if he's forgiven his father for that. "No," Chase says sadly. Then Stacy interrupts to ask if Chase's dad is relevant to the story. Chase says he isn't, and Stacy says that they don't need to mention it, then. Brilliant, Stacy. Chase adds that he found some ulcerations in Kayla's genitals and prescribed prednisone and Tums for the Behçet's, and a pathergy test on her arm to confirm the diagnosis, which I'm sure it won't since Behçet's is vasculitis and it's never vasculitis. Chase tells Kayla to have a doctor check the reaction at the test site after twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours later, Kayla came back to the Clinic and found Chase, who found the disgusting-looking pustules that indicate a positive reaction and, therefore, a confirmed Behçet's diagnosis. No way! I thought we'd have to wait for the series finale for a vasculitis case! I have to say I'm kind of sad. It's like I don't have anything to look forward to anymore. Chase refers Kayla to a rheumatologist. She sincerely thanks him for his help, and Chase grins and walks away, full of satisfaction in the good work that he does and the good people he helps every day.

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