The Mistake

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Unhappy Accident

As if Stacy's overly-Botoxed face wasn't enough to prove that she wasn't born yesterday, she asks Chase to tell her what really happened.

We go back to the Clinic, where Chase is on the phone. Kayla walks in and interrupts his phone conversation. He hangs up and asks Kayla what she wants, apparently not remembering her from just the day before. Kayla reminds him, and he checks her arm, giving us a second shot of those really delicious-looking pustules. He confirms the positive result, and tells her to make an appointment with a rheumatologist. He tries to get away, but Kayla complains that her stomach still hurts. Chase just scribbles out a prescription for a stronger antacid, saying that either the Behçet's is stronger than they thought or she's having a reaction to the prednisone; he practically throws the prescription at Kayla, and starts to walk away. But Kayla again calls him back with a question. "Yes?" Chase snaps, obviously not wanting to talk to her anymore. Kayla decides that it's not important enough to mention after all. Chase runs off before Kayla can call him back again.

"I made one little mistake," Chase says. Stacy says that one "little" mistake like not checking out a patient's stomach complaint could have some very big consequences. Oh, don't act so high and mighty, Stacy. You only know that because you're looking at it in hindsight, which is always twenty-twenty.

Wilson and House walk down a hallway. Nosy Wilson finds it odd that Stacy is advising Chase and not House when they're both going in front of the peer review board. House says he never even met Kayla. "Your disdain for human interaction doesn't exculpate you; it inculpates you!" Wilson says. I didn't even know "inculpates" was a word. And I have to think that, when it comes to the opinions of one's fellow doctors, one's inability and non-desire to deal with humans can only be seen as a positive thing. Even so, Wilson points out that House signed off on all of Chase's charts, so he's just as responsible for Chase's actions as Chase is. House says that means that whatever help Stacy gives Chase will therefore also help him. Wilson points out that Stacy could tell Chase to sell House out to protect himself -- something we all know Chase is very capable of doing. Wilson illustrates this by doing an impression of Chase telling the committee it was all House's fault, and while Wilson's Australian accent sounds more Scottish than it does Australian, he still manages to incorporate the important weaselly side of Chase and prove his point. House insists that Chase loves House too much to do something like that. "Cameron loves you. Chase loves his job," Wilson replies, adding that Stacy hates House enough to want to ruin his career. "You think emotion only affects doctors' judgments?" Wilson asks, all excited to get the thematic line for once. House takes some pills.

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