The Mistake

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Unhappy Accident

"Why did Chase screw up and how bad was it?" Stacy asks. House refuses to acknowledge that Chase screwed up, which is interesting considering how quick House usually is to point out Chase's mistakes and inadequacies, be they real or imagined. I wonder if he's trying to protect Chase because that will automatically absolve him of all blame as well, or if he's doing this because he actually likes Chase and wants to help him. Stacy tells House that he can stop lying because Chase already admitted to her that he did, in fact, make a mistake. House doesn't think that admitting fault is a particularly good legal strategy, but Stacy says it's better than lying to the lawyer who's trying to defend them (well, one of them), and thinking that a lie that works on a lawyer will also work on a committee filled with fellow doctors. House has to admit that Stacy has a point there, and he begins to tell her his side of the story.

We're back in the ER. Chase cauterizes Kayla's first bleeding ulcer again, and then House limps in and criticizes Chase for not realizing that Kayla had a problem when she was there only two hours ago. The monitors beep. "I'm guessing those are celebratory bells," House snarks. That was funny, and made me wish that I could have some celebratory bells of my very own. Chase once again looks around Kayla's stomach and finds the second perforated ulcer. Kayla is wheeled away, leaving House to yell at Chase for missing Kayla's problems when she came in for her exam, and not asking her the necessary questions about diarrhea or rectal bleeding. Chase protests that doctors skip those questions all the time, an argument that would have held more weight if Kayla were perfectly healthy and not currently dying because Chase didn't give her stomach complaint the attention it deserved. Chase says he just made a minor mistake. "Mistakes are as serious as the results they cause!" House yells back, and they might want to not yell so loud because I don't think other patients should be hearing this. "This woman could die because you were too lazy to ask one simple question!" House certainly is a passionate and noble guy in his own flashbacks. Chase responds that this is House's fault, too, because he couldn't open the Vicodin pill bottle. By that stunning logic, I guess we should really blame the company that makes House's Vicodin, who in turn can hold whoever created Vicodin responsible and then that guy can blame his second-grade science teacher who got him interested in science in the first place. Sooner or later, the blame always goes back to Mrs. Stillman. House tells the camera/Stacy that he responded to Chase's remark with some clever insults that made Chase cry and shouldn't be repeated to the review board, unless Stacy's trying to turn Chase against him and get House in trouble for her own personal reasons.

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