The Mistake

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Unhappy Accident

Kayla groans from her bed. Her stomach hurts. Her monitors beep. She has a clot, and has to go back to the OR. Back in the present, Chase explains that the sepsis lowered Kayla's blood pressure, causing clots. They cut off the blood supply to her liver, totally killing it. She needed a transplant immediately, or she'd die. Stacy is shocked that Cuddy would put someone in such bad health on the sacred transplant list. If only Kayla were a famous alcoholic; then she could have all the livers she wanted!

But she isn't, so Cuddy has no intention of putting Kayla on any transplant list. House tells her that the reason Kayla is in such bad condition is because a PPTH employee didn't do his job properly. Chase tries not to cry as House continues to say that the jury won't take kindly to a mother of two dying as a result of a hospital employee error. Cuddy says she's well aware of the hospital's liability in this case, but still won't put her on the list. And Cuddy still won't get a wardrobe that isn't tragic. Who thought that high-and-wide collared blazer was a good idea? Besides, of course, Queen Elizabeth I. This show really needs to stop raiding the period costumes wardrobe department for Cuddy's clothes. (I also think they should stop raiding the "hip guy in his 20s" t-shirt drawer for House's clothes, but a lot of people seem to disagree with me there.) House points out that if Kayla's family wins a lawsuit against PPTH, it'll put the hospital out of business, and then they won't be able to treat anyone at all, so denying Kayla a liver really does compromise patient care. That doesn't seem like a very good argument to me, but Cuddy tells them to "start praying for a twelve-car pileup on the Turnpike, 'cause we're not exactly swimmin' in livers over here" as she signs the transplant papers. Well, that was easy. I guess the transplant committee had the day off or something.

Stacy recommends that Chase leave the details about Kayla's transplant out of the hearing, like Chase didn't know that when he didn't tell Stacy about it in the first place. He says it didn't matter in the end anyway, as we go back to the past, where Foreman and Chase tell Sam that Kayla's next on the list, but that her rare blood type makes the chances of getting a compatible liver in time very unlikely. Sam looks over at Kayla's sad daughters and whips out a file that shows he's a perfect match to donate part of his liver to Kayla. He says he knows a guy in medical testing who got the results rushed for him. Back in he present, Stacy wants to know how they were able to convince a surgeon to do the operation after telling Sam that no surgeon would do it on such short notice. "House took care of that, too," Chase says.

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