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On the beach, some guy is screaming about his leg, and how bad it is, and you really want him to shut up, and then Libby rolls up the guy's pant leg, and there is a knobby part where there should be no knobby part. Oh, gross. Still, how about a little stoicism? While Ana-Lucia watches, Libby soothingly tells the guy that it's not bad, and starts telling this story about going skiing in Vermont, racing a "cute ski patrol guy," and the knobby-legged guy does seem distracted, when "I went off this mogul, lost my edge, and BAM!" says Libby, at the same time, wrenching the guy's leg back into proper non-protrudingness. And my lord, how he does scream, and passes out, I think. "Snapped my left leg," she finishes, like the guy's even listening. "Now that, that was bad," says Libby. As Libby affixes the poor bastard's leg to a splint, Ana-Lucia asks if she's a doctor. "Nope. Sadist," she says. Actually, she says she had a year of med school before she quit (quit my ass) and is in fact a clinical psychologist. So the Tailaways don't have a doctor like the Lostaways do. But at least they'll be very in touch with how they feel about dying. Libby notes Ana-Lucia saving the girl's life and asks if she's a doctor. AL says no. I don't think she was planning to say just what it is she does do, but before she has a chance, some Sean Bean Lite dude runs out of the jungle yelling for help, saying there's a man back there.

Ana-Lucia and Sean Bean Lite race into the jungle (Ana-Lucia was the only one who decided to help? That's cold). There they find Bernard, still strapped into his seat. Distressingly, in the still-attached seat next to him, there's a presumably dead body keeled over, totally harshing the island mellow. Even more distressingly, their seat section is lodged in a tree, thirty or forty feet in the air. Sean Bean Lite wants to climb the tree and pull him down, but Ana-Lucia says no. She starts yelling at Bernard; she finds out his name, and tells him he needs to unbuckle his belt, sounding just like a cop talking someone down from a ledge. Bernard, as you might expect, is a little freaked out about the body next to him, but eventually listens to Ana-Lucia, and unbuckles his belt (straining a little bit more than you'd think, because Day 1 Bernard has a little more padding than we've seen -- Rose wasn't kidding when she said he has a sweet tooth). Now Ana-Lucia yells for Bernard to grab the branch next to him, which he doesn't think he can do. "Bernard, those seats are gonna fall," she says. Well, when you put it that way... He slowly reaches over and grabs the branch, just as, naturally, down come the seats, Corpsey and all. A quivering Bernard wraps his arms around the tree, looking for all the world like an elderly, terrified koala bear, and Ana-Lucia tells him to hold on, she's coming up. Sean Bean Lite just stands there watching.

It's a little later, and the sun is starting to set. Mistereko has returned to his child-guarding, while Libby tends to the wounded. Ana-Lucia comes over to Sean Bean Lite, who's trying to start a fire with the old Cub Scout method of rubbing a stick between your palms. She asks if he found any matches. He sure did; he just likes to challenge himself. …No, he didn't find any damn matches, Ana. He says that he's trying to start a signal fire. "What are you, a Boy Scout?" she asks. See? He says he's the "grown-up version," which would actually be creepy if he didn't mean that he's in the Peace Corps. "They still have that?" asks Ana-Lucia. Can she ask any question not loaded with sarcasm? Dude doesn't care; he's just happy that someone her age even knows what the Peace Corps is, so I guess it's fair to say that the Peace Corps has downgraded its expectations from "achieving world harmony" to "awareness that Peace Corps exists." She asks his name; it's Goodwin. She introduces herself. And she is SMILING again, I swear to god.

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