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Nighttime. A tortured Bernard turns away from the fire, and practically waddles (he can't be comfortable with all that stuffing) over to where Mistereko is squatting, all by his lonesome. "I heard that you were the one who pulled the dead bodies out of the water," he says haltingly. Eko says yes. "Were any of them African-American?" asks Bernard, which is all kind of stilted. "No," says Eko. Bernard starts to break down. "Because my wife...I can't find her." Mistereko offers to pray for her. Oh, and while you're praying, how about them rescue planes? Where are they? Mistereko says he'll pray for them too. He looks so calm, it would be easy to believe that praying would actually, you know, do something.

Even later that night. The Tailaways are sleeping around the fire, when they're awoken by the sound of grunting in the bushes. Uh, you might want to be careful about checking that out. I'm just saying. Goodwin grabs a stick from the fire, and Ana tells Libby to watch the kids. "Over here," says Goodwin, and he and Ana, the island's Briscoe and Logan, chase through the bushes, and find a panting Mistereko crouched, looking rather feral, between two dead bodies. He's holding a bloody rock, and his clothes are red too. He gets to his feet, looking anguished. "What happened?" says Ana-Lucia. Mistereko gets to his feet, still breathing heavily. He says nothing.

Day 2.

Apparently everybody decided to get a good night's sleep and deal with the bodies later, as it's now the middle of the day. Ana-Lucia's searched the corpses, who are wearing rather rudimentary clothes, and couldn't find any wallet, cell phone, or any kind of identification. The other Tailaways are gathered around, except for Eko, who's standing a little ways apart, still in his bloody shirt, which he only now removes. Ana-Lucia strolls over to ask if he's okay. I sure hope this isn't the first time he's been asked that. Mistereko barely glances over his shoulder; he doesn't respond.

Some schmoe is saying that three people are missing: "The blond guy, the curly-haired guy, and the German who was helping with the injured" are all gone. Ana-Lucia deduces that the dead ones were already on the island, from the fact that they were in the jungle with no shoes, nothing in their pockets, no labels on their clothes (hey, dead guy! Who are you wearing?). While she's going on about this, Mistereko is busy uprooting a small tree to serve as a weapon.

"We need to get off the beach. We need to find a safer place," she says, but the guy who announced that three people were missing points out that there are kids and people who are seriously hurt, so where are they gonna go? And what about the signal fire? How will we be rescued? Naturally, the Lostaways had the same discussion. There is nothing I would enjoy more for this episode than seeing the exact same plotlines! "Nathan's right!" says Goodwin. "Nathan," hey? Sounds like...Ethan! Ana-Lucia argues that what with the satellites and black boxes and the modern technology, the rescuers won't need a fire to find them. Unfortunately for her optimism, Cindy reveals that the pilot was lost and turning around, so they had been flying for two hours in the wrong direction, so searchers won't know where to look. Any more good news you want to share, Cindy? Nathan and Ana-Lucia look at each other.

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