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Get your hands off my chicken

Nighttime. Ana-Lucia opens the pit cover. "Where are the kids?" she asks. He doesn't respond, so she asks again. Again, nothing. She asks where he's from. Was anybody surprised when he said "Canada"? I called it. I guess I was suckered too, especially since Nathan clearly looks like he has to think about the answers to the questions he's being asked. He says he was at a company retreat, so Ana-Lucia wants to know where the rest of his colleagues are. "They weren't on the plane. I stayed a couple extra days to sight-see," he says. She asks why nobody saw him on the plane. "I was in the lavatory," he says. "For two hours?" Well, that's consistent, if nothing else. He says he doesn't remember her being on the plane either. "That's because you weren't on it," she snaps, and closes the cover on the pit.

Day 23. For those of you keeping score, Ana-Lucia's been keeping Nathan in Guantana-lucia Bay here for four days. It's sunny out. Ana opens the cover again, asks Nathan where the kids are. He doesn't respond. "Not talking to me anymore?" Which, naturally, he doesn't answer. Ana-Lucia might want to take a minute to think about why the people around her sooner or later stop talking to her. Then she sees something, and tells Nathan to get up. When he doesn't, she THROWS A ROCK at him. He scoots out of the way, and behind him are some banana peels.

So Ana-Lucia holds a big Tailaways meeting to find out who's been feeding him. "I'm trying to find out what they did to us," she says, and accuses Bernard of taking care of Nathan, which he denies, but asks Ana what if she's wrong. "We don't even know that there is a spy," he says. Sounds like it's time for some more circumstantial evidence! "Whose idea was it to stay at the beach where they could pick us off one by one? His. Nathan's," says Ana-Lucia, and Libby is there chiming in again: "Well, they haven't come since you put him there." Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. Libby's looking more and more suspicious to me. Ana-Lucia asks again who did it, and Eko strolls up. "You?" says Ana-Lucia. Eko says nothing, and walks away. Not so tough now, are you, Ana?

Ana's drinking at the stream. Goodwin comes in, crouches beside her as she pulls out the knife and starts cutting fruit to eat. "I'm worried about you, Ana. You've had him down there four days." Ana then blames the torture on her promising Emma that she'd get her back home to her mom. Goodwin asks if she has any kids. "No," says Ana, after a bit of a pause, and she shifts her spot a little farther away from Goodwin, so read into that anything you want, or nothing at all. "We should let him go. We're not savages," says Goodwin. "If I were a savage, I would have cut his finger off already," she says. Goodwin's looking like, "I don't like where this is going..." "That's tomorrow," says Ana, closing the knife and walking away.

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