The Paper Chase

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The Paper Chase

Javier works at Dean & Deluca. Hey! It's Elena! She asks for another cup of coffee. Javier asks if she knows any single gay guys. Elena has to think about it. Rita walks in with Michael and introduces him to Javier and Elena. Javier's smile looks pasted on. Michael says he's always looking for a new doubles partner if Javier is interested. Javier gives a big fake laugh and asks Elena to help him unload some coffee in the back. Elena protests that she doesn't work there. Javier tells Michael and Rita to have a seat, and then drags Elena into the back room.

Elena asks what's going on. Javier explains that he knows Michael, because he used to date Javier's friend Andy. Elena doesn't get it. Javier explains that Andy is a guy. So couldn't Michael be bisexual? Javier wonders if he should tell Rita about this. Elena urges him to stay out of it.

Felicity pounds on her laptop keyboard in frustration and complains to Ben that every time she tries to get online, her computer crashes. Ben asks to give it a try, and Felicity gives up her seat. Felicity tells him to go to guggenheim.edu (not a real site, by the way, and I don't know why they wouldn't use the real site, which is guggenheim.org), because they have information on Georgia O'Keeffe. The computer crashes. Felicity says that she's never going to get her paper done. Ben promises that she will, and then the phone rings. I'm surprised that these college students can afford broadband internet access. It's clearly Lauren on the phone, and she has just told Ben that she wants to take a Lamaze class. Ben agrees to go with her. He hangs up and apologizes to Felicity, who smiles and asks if Ben is going to do Lamaze. Ben says that he wants to participate more so that Lauren won't move away, at his father's suggestion. Ben wants to talk more about it. Felicity says that it's okay, and that she's just stressed out about her paper. She decides to go to the library. What a novel concept! She runs out of there like there's a fire or something, except this time Noel isn't around to save her. Ben kind of rolls his eyes, but realizes that the time isn't right for a big discussion.

Felicity arrives at the library and asks the library worker where the dissertation section is. He won't tell her at first, which is really dumb, because he would be so fired for that. Or should be. Felicity says she wants to take a look at a friend's dissertation. The library clerk is silent, and Felicity just keeps talking until the clerk tells her that the dissertations are on the sixth floor, in the back. Felicity heads up there, walking right by a shaggy guy wearing headphones who is eating Chinese food. I don't know what that was about. Felicity looks through the various dissertations. I don't know why she couldn't just look at them on microfilm. She finds one she likes, then sits on the floor and takes notes on it. Is she hand-copying the whole thing? Oh, then she's making actual copies on a copy machine, while glancing around to make sure that no one sees her. Finally, she starts typing on her laptop. She throws away a can, and when the camera pans back up to her, it's daylight out, and her printer is churning out page after page as she reads through her work.

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