The Paper Chase

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The Paper Chase

Sean and Noel walk into their presentation. Sean gives the client a firm handshake and makes some obnoxious remarks. Noel starts giving the presentation. Sean takes over and starts babbling about the old suitcase commercial with the ape trying to destroy the bag. Noel interrupts and asks for a five-minute break.

Out in the hall, Sean explains that he was just trying to help, and that this is how he landed the Bowers account. Noel admits that Sean actually lost the Bowers account. Noel asks Sean to back off a little bit. Sean asks if he has to change his whole style just because one pitch didn't go well. Noel admits that his meeting with Mr. Webb was about Sean, and that if Sean doesn't change, Sean will be fired. Sean is pissed that he has to take notes on how to pitch from Webb, since Webb hasn't done a pitch in twenty years. Noel defends Webb. Sean says he knows how to do this, and Noel frustratedly yells, "But sometimes you don't!" Noel rolls out this analogy about having different tools for different jobs. Sean rolls his eyes in concert with me. Could Noel be any more condescending? I mean, he's right about Sean, but he's also being really condescending. Sean thinks that his way always works, but Noel says that it wasn't working in there. Sean thinks that Noel is maneuvering himself to get ahead of Sean, so Sean quits. Noel sighs.

Felicity goes to see Professor Carnes. She starts explaining that she didn't have a lot of time to write it, and some personal issues have overwhelmed her. Professor Carnes interrupts to say that it's fantastic and she submitted it to the UNY journal. The editorial board has to review it, but Carnes is sure that it's just a formality. Felicity is speechless. Carnes assures her that it's a great honor. Felicity manages to squeak out a "Thanks."

Felicity thinks that she's officially become a cheater. Meghan protests. Felicity points out that she cheated on Ben, and then cheated on the paper. Meghan tells Felicity not to get caught this time. Felicity freaks out that the paper will be published and everyone will see it. Meghan points out that it's being published in the UNY journal, which has a readership of ten people. Yeah, ten people who have built academic careers on their original research and would love to point out examples of plagiarism. Just ask Stephen Ambrose or Doris Kearns Goodwin. Meghan asks if Felicity at least got rid of the book, and Felicity admits that she didn't. Felicity complains that the library clerk freaks her out. When did Felicity turn into a child? Seriously. She is being a child. Meghan tells Felicity to go to Professor Carnes and ask that the paper be withdrawn. Felicity protests that it would arouse suspicion. Meghan sighs and tells Felicity that the most important thing when breaking the rules is "deny, deny, deny." Ben walks in and asks what Meghan is telling Felicity to deny. Meghan says that it's nothing. Felicity says that her Art History paper is being published. Meghan says that it's great, and Ben agrees.

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