The Paper Chase

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The Paper Chase

Meghan walks into Felicity's room and hands her a book. Felicity realizes that it's the dissertation. Meghan admits that she stole it, and also that the library clerk is a freak. Meghan promised to go out with him in order to get by him. Felicity thanks her. Meghan asks what's wrong. Felicity says that someone from the board called and she has to meet with them to go over her references. Meghan whines that the board needs to get a clue, because everyone copies. Meghan offers to go talk to the board, because it's her fault. Felicity says that it's not. Meghan decides that it's Ben's fault, because "if he hadn't gotten this booze cruise preggers, [Felicity] would have finished this paper a long time ago." Felicity says that it's her own fault, and she's going to be forever known as the girl who got kicked out of college for copying a paper. ["Oh right. That one girl." -- Wing Chun] Meghan says that Felicity won't get kicked out, and that in a year, she won't remember it happened. First of all, she might get kicked out, and she would definitely remember that in a year. It really bothers me that the same show that made a serious dramatic storyline about Ben's plagiarism is treating Felicity's plagiarism like such a joke. Meghan doesn't think that Felicity will even remember Meghan in a year. Felicity says that they'll probably see each other every day. Meghan asks doubtfully if Felicity thinks that they'll still be friends after college. Felicity laughs and says yes. Why is she in such a good mood? Meghan was just asking, and then she calls Felicity a freak show. Felicity laughs and laughs and laughs. Ha ha! I'm not going to graduate! I'm going to get kicked out of school! That's hilarious.

Noel hangs up the phone in his office, and then Sean walks in. Sean says that he talked to Mr. Webb, and that he's coming back to work. Noel is pleased. Sean promised to change his style to be more like Noel. Noel says that they both bring different things to the table. Sean admits that Mr. Webb said that Noel was loyal to Sean, and that he knows that his style is "too big." Noel tries to deny it, but then admits that sometimes it is. Noel promises to keep Sean in check. Sean thanks him. Wow, that wrapped up quickly. Time to wrap up the other subplot.

Javier is getting on the elevator when Rita shows up. Guess what? Michael admitted that he's gay. Javier and Rita make up and agree to play tennis together. Please tell me that we will never see Rita again. Also, is Javier still taking classes?

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