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History Is Written By the Losers

But when Peter and Olivia pull up to an empty clearing that's the location Edwin sent them to, there's no one there. They're confused at first, but it takes Peter all of five seconds to figure out that Edwin never wanted them to find the camp.

Sure enough, we see Edwin make his way through the trees to the mine entrance. An old treeperson sees him, says "Edwin?" and then back at the camp, a loud bang is heard. "It's the mine," says Etta.

So everyone arrives at the mine at once, with the old dude apparently there to explicitly explain that there was no copper at the other camp, so this was the only way for them to get what they need.

Walter's the first one into the mine and everyone jogs to the shaft, where they find the bucket of translucent red rocks. River's not far behind, though, and he looks down the shaft. Thanks to the lantern Edwin brought with him, we can his lifeless body, seated at the bottom of the shaft, completely barked over, as the old guy tells the Fringe folks they got what they came for and should leave before the invaders find them here.

So River traipses down to the archive, where he finds a cube in the thingy with his name in the hologram. It appears to be a collection of photographs of his family and then River sits down to tell the heroic tale of Edwin the Recorder of History, who made his son an orphan so that the Fringe team could have some rocks that they're not even sure what to do with yet. Weirder still, he seems to be writing his entry with some sort of stylus on the thingy instead of typing or recording audio.

Anyway, his voiceover takes us to the end, as we see that the Fringers have abandoned the van, which is stolen by some bearded dude who's lucky didn't get killed by the loyalists when they catch him with it.

As for the Fringers, they're stealing and hotwiring some old station wagon, Olivia and Etta holding hands in mother-daughter bliss and Walter throwing on some huge Bono sunglasses, and they ride back into the devastation of the city.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. River's never going to make it as a comic book artist, since his depiction of Olivia doesn't have huge breasts and a tiny waist. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at

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