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History Is Written By the Losers

Finally Walter asks about the weird growth on their skin, and Edwin "explains" that small patches started showing up after they had settled, and over time it spread. They figured it has something to do with the area, maybe the drinking water or the soil.

Walter's confused as to why they wouldn't just, you know, go somewhere that doesn't turn their skin into bubbled leather. But Edwin, looking almost like he never thought of that before, says what they do here is important, and they can't move it. That sounds like nonsense, but Edwin does also point out that the way they look, they can't exactly travel without drawing attention to themselves. "We just want to be left alone to record history," he says. No one ever comes here -- the Fringe folks are the first in a very long time -- which suits them just fine and unless the Fringers want gunk growing all over their skin they should get a move along too. Walter explains about the plan to defeat the invaders that he can't remember, but he knows there's something he's supposed to get from here. He figures he must have been here before. So Edwin calls up Google on his little archive thing and searches "Bishop, Walter," and tells Walter that if he's ever set foot in this camp before, it would be documented.

Aboveground, a nervous River approaches Etta, Olivia and Peter to show them some comic books that he's made, and he's hoping they'll sign them. A surprised Olivia obliges, while Peter tells the kid the books are really good as he settles in for a nice afternoon read. The kid is awestruck by the fact Fringe fought the Observers when they came: "You didn't hide like we did. You're heroes," he says. The kid wishes he'd been around during their time, when there were "real heroes." Peter says River is his hero, for giving him such a nice, strong, jawline. Oh shut it, Pacey -- you and our enviably thick head of hair. Quit yer' bellyachin'.

Astrid's stuck back at Formerly Harvard University, doing her best to clean up the tape and hear a little more of the audio. Maybe she used the laser to liberate a head cleaner from the amber! Jesus, remember head cleaners? Anyway, Astrid's managed to clean it up enough so that we can now hear Videotape Walter say that once they get to the designated place, they'll need to locate a mine. This is after many looong seconds of watching Astrid fast-forward and rewind. Look, that's my job!... It's not that exciting.

She calls Olivia's comms device and asks to speak to Walter -- whose archival search has come up empty for any trace of a visit here -- to tell him about the mine that he's supposed to find. Not sure why she couldn't have explained that to Olivia, but maybe it was so that we could waste some time on Walter thinking Astrid said "mime" and be confused about what Marcel Marceau has to do with any of this. Walter asks Edwin if there's a mine in the area. There is; a gold mine.

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