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We'll Always Have Branson
see the point in wasting my energies on someplace I'm not appreciated." "I appreciate you," Finn immediately replies, and...awkward because of the painful crush and the clandestine makeout session and the premature ejaculation and the pregnant girlfriend who's actually carrying my glorious husband's love child and everything, so Finn leaps to his feet and offers Rachel her last ball in order to gloss it all over. Adding insult to injury is the Psychedelic Furs song now being piped through the alley sound system, but Rachel gamely rises to give bowling one last try, and wouldn't you know it? She gets a strike. They're -- how shall I put this? -- gleeful at this turn of events, so Rachel vaults herself up into his arms for a hug that quickly turns into a kiss, and...awkward again, some more, until Finn breaks their sudden, shocked silence by blurting out, "Come back to Glee!" Rachel's all, "What about your girlfriend?" but Finn lies that he doesn't know where the Quinn thing is going, and he wants to spend time with Rachel now. Elated, she immediately vows to quit Cabaret to rejoin the club, and they hug once again, but the instant she can no longer see him, Finn lets his face fall straight into the next commercial break.

"Maybe Quinn is lactose intolerant," Kurt whispers, all gossipy in the music room with T-T-T-Tina and Mercedes. "That doesn't explain all the crying," Artie sagely notes. "Are you all that stupid?" my glorious and eavesdropping husband duhs from across the room. "Seriously!" he continues. "I bet you thought Bert and Ernie were just roommates!" and that's the second reference to Bert and Ernie's suspect sexuality in less than a week for me, and as the first reference came courtesy of TV's newest Ambiguously Gay Duo, I'll be taking it as a sign that my glorious husband will be coming out of the closet sometime during November sweeps, partly because I am almost as delusional as Rachel, but mainly because I can, so there. Puck finally drops the pregnancy bomb, and generalized consternation abounds. Incidentally, there are a couple of silent-yet-telling reaction shots featuring Santana Lopez, so I'm betting she already knows the entire story, and thus knows that Puck is lying when he tells everyone that Finn is the father. And at this worst of all possible moments, Rachel bounces into the room to announce, "Yes, you heard right! I'm returning to Glee Club!" My glorious husband just rolls his eyes at her and spins out of the room with his guitar while the others break into small huddles to pick apart Puck's news, completely ignoring Rachel in the process. "This is a hot. Damn. Mess!" Mercedes hisses at Kurt while Santana Lopez immediately turns to Britney with a faux-shocked "Oh. My. God!" Hee. Rachel, of course, wonders what gives, and I'm sure the look on her face when she finds out would break my heart. If I had one.

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