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New Kids On The Block
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And here we are again, as we will be every week until the baseball takes over. But for now, a woman pilots an airplane through some graphics that are left over from Stealth, until some thunder and lightning brings her into that weird scene from Star Trek IV when they went back in time and we got a terrifying look into Kirk's mind and Leonard Nimoy's attempt at art. Also, I believe I hear some Annie Lennox. Pilot needs to turn down her radio. It keeps going until she inevitably crashes, instantly killing her and ending the episode. See you next week!

Or not, as she was actually in a flight simulator and not a real plane, so she's fine. Except for the acid-less acid trip she just went on. She yells at some tech guy for not connecting the communications circuit -- despite his assurances that he did -- and causing her crash. The tech says he'll go "review the simulations," then leaves the room immediately so the pilot won't hear the "you bitch" he's about to mutter under his breath.

Cameron. Chase, and Foreman are still in the opening credits, so either someone got lazy or they're still here, somewhere.

House addresses his room-o'-fellow candidates, asking them to identify a guy on the overhead projector. He assures them that he won't fire them if they get the answer wrong, so the girl he liked last week guesses "Neville Chamberlain." "You're fired," House says. I guess that was Hugh Laurie showing through, angered at the American's inability to identify great British leaders. And by "great," I mean, "let the Nazis do whatever they wanted, pretty much." Regardless, the guy in the picture looks more like Margaret Thatcher than he does Neville Chamberlain, so you lose, Girl Who Showed So Much Promise Last Week And In Last Season's Finale. The girl doesn't even protest. She just walks out, still wearing her marathon-runner-esque number around her neck.

Some old guy in the back guesses correctly: "Buddy Ebsen." Old Guy probably went to school with Buddy Ebsen. House says that Buddy Ebsen was the original Tin Man in The Wizard Of Oz, but he had to back out when he almost died from an allergy to the aluminum in the Tin Man makeup. Then he moved to Beverly. Hills, that is. Swimming pools. Movie stars. House wants them to figure out what was really wrong with Buddy Ebsen. Of all the cast members from The Wizard of Oz to study, he goes with Buddy Ebsen? Surely there's about a week of material in Judy Garland alone! Oh well. House says that since they don't have a real patient to work with, they'll have to go with Buddy. Or Cuddy, as she has just entered the room and asked House to step outside.

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