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New Kids On The Block

Greta isn't thrilled with the solution to her problems, as it will destroy all the work she's done to be taken seriously. "There's gotta be another way," she says. For someone who's got no leg or lung to stand on, Greta sure is picky. 39 takes a moment to tell Greta that when you have a dream, it shouldn't matter who laughs at you for it. Plus she'll have big boobs in her astronaut picture. HAWT! Greta signs the consent form.

While House scrubs in for surgery, Cuddy demands to know why he's giving his patient an emergency boob job. She threatens to cancel the surgery if House doesn't tell her. House says they're getting too close to the end of the episode to dicker around with the formalities, so he'll just tell her that the real answer to her question is something that will get them all in trouble, so it's better for her if she pretends not to know about any of this and trusts House that the boob job is necessary. Cuddy leaves.

39 opens Greta up, and House takes over to look at the lung. They find multiple cysts there. Gross. "What's been working overtime to kill Ms. Bin Laden?" House asks the room. "Ve know her name now," 2 supplies. Nice contribution there, 2. Clearly, you went to medical school for two extra years. The Numbers give out some diagnoses, but none work. A disembodied Australian voice supplies the wining answer: "Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome." House looks up to the OR balcony to find Chase standing there. He never misses a boob job, I guess. After confirming with the rest of the group that Chase is actually there and not a hologram originating in Arizona, House tells Chase that this is a closed procedure. "Not to the surgical staff," Chase says. 39 asks House if he's going to hire "that guy" instead of one of them. Chase shakes his head, either to say no or because a few strands of delicate blond hair got in his face. "Not a chance," House says. He orders them to "dig out" Greta's cysts and confirm the Von Hippel's. "Don't forget her chesticles," he says. Oy, with the medical terms! House looks back up at the OR balcony, but Chase is gone, presumably slow-mo walking around the cafeteria.

House confronts Wilson about his lying about Chase and Cameron's new jobs for no reason. Of course, Wilson thinks this served a purpose, as it got House to confront his residual feelings of guilt, except that it didn't and it never does and why do you think this little game is going to work for the one hundred and seventeenth time when it hasn't worked the other one hundred and sixteen, Wilson (and to a lesser extent, Cuddy)? Either the mind games work and House starts to see things differently, or they don't and House stays the same and Wilson STOPS DOING THEM ALREADY. Wilson comes clean and says Cameron has been a senior attending in the ER -- and blonde -- for the past three weeks, while Chase took a job at PPTH to be near Cameron. And Cameron stayed at PPTH to be near House and we all know it. Hopefully the ER did too, and offered her a shitty salary because they knew they could get her for dirt-cheap. House asks where Foreman's working, but Wilson hasn't learned a fucking thing and says Foreman is working at New York Mercy, like any of us think House saw the Ghost Of Foreman at this point.

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