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New Kids On The Block

While the twins totally cheat on the assignment by conferring with each other out in the open, House steals one of Wilson's bagels. Wilson warns him that 17 told him there might be Listeria in the cream cheese. I prefer garden-vegetable-flavored cream cheese myself. House asks Wilson what Chase is doing at PPTH, and Wilson says he has no idea, since Chase is working at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and has been since last week. House is at a loss for words at this, but, of course, Wilson is not, and goes into his psychoanalysis mode I hate so much, asking House why he's having hallucinations of the person he fired, as opposed to the two people who quit on him. "Not interesting," House says. Thank you, House. But Wilson continues that House must have some repressed guilt here, and House ends the conversation by tossing the rest of Wilson's bagel in Wilson's coffee. Quick! Someone tell 17 he's got one more source of infection to add to his list!

Old Guy prepares the transesophagealwhatchamacallit device and tells Pilot to relax. Just like they told her before the hyperbaric chamber of HELLFIRE! But she totally trusts them. When it comes time to actually do the test, Old Guy offers the device to 2, saying, "Take a whack." 2 does not trust this capitalist dog to just give her the glory of doing the procedure and refuses. 13 doesn't trust him either, but accepts 26's explanation that he's old and has done plenty of these in the past, so he's just giving someone else a turn. 13 takes the device.

Cut to House limping down the hall surrounded by Numbers. 2 informs him that Pilot's heart is fine, while one of the 15s embarrasses herself by not understanding 2's accent, which really isn't that strong. And then 2, who is unwisely walking backwards, stumbles into a wheelchair that a rather mean orderly shoved right under her legs. It cuts her off, and 13 steps forward, saying she found a "short burst of atrial flutter" in Pilot's heart. In the background, we see a doctor and a nurse walk into the hallway, see the massive crowd blocking it, and turn around and leave, presumably to find a different route. LOL, background extras.

House asks 13 why she did the test when he told 26 to do it, but he doesn't bother listening to 26's answer. Then he assigns 10, 24, and 39 to do a test for hypothyroidism. 2 protests that that could cause another heart attack. House says it would be awesome if that happened, since it would mean the thyroid was the problem.

39 shoots Pilot up with some hormones to stimulate her thyroid. He tells her not to worry if she gets flushed or starts to sweat, as it will mean her thyroid is working. Or that she's having another heart attack and is about to be set on fire again. Ever-trusting, Pilot just nods. 39 adds that he can also remove the mole on Pilot's neck, as he is a plastic surgeon. Way to blow your own horn there, 39. My dermatologist can get rid of a mole. You aren't so special. Maybe you should focus on the slightly more obvious gigantic burns right next to said mole. "I'm fine with the way I look," Pilot says. But 39 keeps going, accusing Pilot of jerking them around with all these restrictions. 10 loudly tells the room that Pilot's pulse is 120 and warns 39 to stop "pushing" Pilot. Anne lets it slip that they broke into Pilot's home. For some odd reason, Pilot is upset at this. She starts seeing things, then goes psychotic. "This is not a normal response to the test," Anne duhs. Pilot runs away.

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