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New Kids On The Block

House finds the three Numbers outside the hospital chapel, in which Pilot has barricaded herself. House is more upset about the fact that they interrupted his time with Judge Judy than the fact that they made their patient go crazy. House says he's too crippled to help them get her out, but 39 says if they break the door down, it's going to be hard to keep hiding Pilot from PPTH. House suggests extortion. 10's attempt: "If you don't open this door, we're gonna break it down." No reaction. 10 tries again: "If you don't open this door, you're going to die." "Go away!" Pilot yells. 39 tries: "Open up, or I blab your secret to everyone." Wasn't the threat of that what made Pilot go crazy in the first place? It has the opposite effect this time, but first, House sees Cameron looking blonde and strolling around the lobby in slow motion. And folks, she is wearing quite a vest today, I'm sure I don't have to tell you. Pilot chooses this moment to erupt from the chapel, distracting House and taking us away from Cameron and the ridiculous "walk of an angel" theme music she's been given. Anne sedates Pilot, which means she doesn't have any sedative left in the needle for when Cuddy walks by and asks what's going on.

After the commercial, Cuddy enters the classroom and all the students make "oh, shit!" faces. But none of them respond when Cuddy asks who Pilot is. 18, of course, asks if she's okay. Oh, just leave now and go vest shopping, 18. Really. Old Guy smarts off that House's answer to Cuddy -- that Pilot was "on the run from an international crime syndicate" -- was the same thing he told them. Cuddy tells them that if they want to work at PPTH, she has to approve them, and she won't if they don't tattle on House. 10 just learned the real meaning of extortion, and finally spills what he found out about Pilot from her apartment: "Name's Greta Cooper. Wants to be an astronaut. Doesn't want NASA to know her brain's getting her ears confused with her eyes. I went through her mail." Way to get House in trouble and confess to a federal crime, 10.

In the hall, Cuddy orders House to chart everything he does for Greta from now on. House goes back to the classroom and immediately fires 10. 10 gives his guilt away by saying, "She told you?" House says that he knew it was someone who was in Greta's house, and of the other two choices, 26 is old and napping, and 2 doesn't do anything. Also, Anne is pointing at 10. We are not treated to a shot of her semi-secretly pointing at 10, which is a real shame. It's also a shame that 10 got fired. He was cute.

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