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New Kids On The Block

House goes a-diagnosin' with his nineteen remaining Numbers, and the camera rack focuses constantly as they give their guesses or shoot those of others down. Kumar is quick to tell on Anne for putting Greta's lab information on her PDA against House's instructions to destroy all patient data, but House doesn't care. Meanwhile, Anne, if you're going to tell on others, you'd better make sure you aren't doing anything they can tell on you for. Also, Kumar gets fired for interrupting House's brilliance with stupid questions. Bye-bye, Kumar! The smile on Anne's face when this happens is kind of great. I should hate her for being such a weasel, but she's just so brazen about it!

House asks the remaining Numbers how they can test Greta without doing any chartable tests. 2 thinks they should do whatever tests are necessary to save Greta's life and ignore Greta's desire for no one to find out. Her seat neighbor, 36, looks as bored as he has all episode and has nothing to add. House gives them an hour to think of an answer while he goes off to bore me with some Wilson time.

House unwisely asks Wilson what Cameron is doing at PPTH, and Wilson denies that Cameron is working there, saying last he heard, she was engaged to Chase (...awkward) and living with him in Arizona. "These visions are freaking you out," Wilson says. House maintains that the fact that he saw Cameron with blonde hair means that he didn't make it up, but this just gives Wilson more to psychoanalyze House about, saying he must be merging Cameron and Chase in his mind. If this keeps up, Wilson says, House's next vision will be black, blonde, and wearing a vest. Wilson proves Cameron's new Arizona location to House by showing him her new phone number complete with Arizona area code, which is on his phone because she just called to tell Wilson that she and Chase put an offer down on a new house. It's been three weeks since the end of last season and they're engaged and living together? Oh yeah, that'll work out. Also, since when did Cameron call Wilson to update him on her house purchases? Why would anyone? Wilson's been living in a hotel for two years, so clearly, home-buying is of little interest to him.

Wilson continuezzz by saying House might be panicking at the thought of having to narrow down his eighteen fellows to just three, not like he's been having much trouble getting rid of them right and left so far. House takes pills. Wilson says he thinks House will end up picking three fellows he can't stand, because liking them would be too stressful. I don't really care who House picks at this point as long as it makes Wilson stop talking. Wilson is woefully overused as House's conscience and woefully underused as everything else. Anyway, the word "stress" gives House an idea.

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